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i just cant believe this is all in my head
ItCantBeTrue posted:
they all talk to me. its all of thier real voices. ive heard them since i was eighteen. im thirty three now. every day.. every minuet it seems. all of my family all of my friends strangers and enemies i hear them all. they dominate me because they each hold the key to my mental freedom dangleing over my head. for years they have said they have all the answers i have seeked since the day my life changed forever. and even though they have said this for years and i still am not free... i blame myself that i didnt listen to them enough that i always regected them andrejected myself in the process. its so hard because every pperson i have explained this to, they have no idea what im talking about. how could they not know. the whole world is effected. i dont know i just dont beleive i have a mental illness and i dont think i ever will. im sure any thoughts and prayers will help. but if anyone out there knows there is some really crazy life changing neohumanism stuff going on please let me in on it. thanks in advance
TheGirlWithTheRoseTattoo responded:
I don't know what to say except that I have been through all of that. I know how hard it is to live in a world where things are really happening, but we are told to believe that they aren't real. It took me a long time to even be able to consider another perspective. Science cant truly say definitively that our visions are not real. But neither can we know that they are.
I do know that being able to see that the things I was hearing and seeing were like dreams, like my mind was in a dreaming state when it was awake, and were not literally real or what they appeared to be, has really helped me to get some serious distance between me and the voices that made me crazy. I feel like once I stopped seeing them as being important, they had less power to distract me and the more troubling voices seemed to have gone away.
I keep an open mind spiritually and still believe there is an unknown reality to this dimension, but I consciously have decided to push them out of my head as is they were thoughts or day dreams. they're not as important as they think you are and its up to you to make sure you keep your mind occupied on other things and ignore them. Its not easy to push stuff like this aside, and resume life. But if you think of it as dreaming, you can see horrific things, re-live memories, see old friends, and then wake up and resume life. You can even become lucid and have some control over what happens. Hope this was of some help.
geostorm2 responded:
hi there. in a celetial thought process non-logical to relevancy. is always underminded by society. some, in their dillusional state, could agree with people that have dillusions. sayin, "yes" the aliens are after you. but to those who are sensitive to beleiving in what people say, like myself, is hard to distinguishe between their voice, the voices in our head. And the seperation between our thoughts. thank you for your post, i hope to hear from you!

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