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Paranoid schizophrenia
UnwashedFlyer posted:
was first diagnosed at eighteen, of having paranoid schizophrenia, but i believe the diagnosis was wrong because of the information i gave the doctors that led them to that conclusion. what my real diagnosis is is psychosis and i know this because i have been off anti-psychotics in the past and have experienced a mild psychosis for about four or five months but one main problem being i experience totally irrational thinking and decision making when off my medication of either respiridone or olanzapine. i prefer respiridone, an older medication, on a small dose of 2mg, to cure me. however what i would prefer is having no mental illness at all, but of course we all know that is not possible.

i recently read briefly that marijuana can cause psychosis, is this true? or is this mis-information being put out by the media? i tried marijuana for the first time over the weekend but i had trouble inhaling any smoke to give me any high. i didn't have a bong, i didn't have any papers or filters, but i did have foil, however i still had trouble. i also didn't know how to roll a joint to smoke it... whether there was any one way of doing it. actually i did inhale a bit of smoke but it was mixed with burnt newspaper however i didn't experience much of a high at all, i certainly had no hallucinations. it was marijuana leaves and they were very dry but now i'm sitting here with a strange feeling in my head, it is not pain. it is not pain but i don't like it and i want it to stop, could this have something to do with the attempted marijuana use? i put the dried marijuana leaves in a bowl and burnt most of it but they did not send off much smoke to inhale at all. when i thought i was experiencing a small high, i felt a wave of heat come over my brain and also a wave of coldness.

someone once told me that marijuana can change the world view of someone as if using the drug is like an education, is this true or is marijuana use being used to cover something else up that is really going on in the mind?

i think the webmd website needs more sections in their discussion communities.
UnwashedFlyer responded:
forgot to mention that from what i did experience, i really did feel like i was getting addicted to the drug because i wanted more and this scared me so i will not be consuming any more.

i have also been experiencing a tone in my left ear as if i'm listening to something, as in a tone... what in the world could that be?

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