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Parent concerned about 19 yr old daughter symptoms (?)
An_247509 posted:
To try and keep it short. I think the writing is on the wall that our daughter should see someone and should have seen someone already but we have just been thinking it was something she would grow out of. Also one comment is my wife is high anxiety issues to the point of being agoraphobic but has worked through it and does get out way more than she used to early on. I think my wife is an enabler for my daughter. See comments below.

So my daughter's issues started with having to check everything before bed. Check every lock on every window. Check the door is locked. Look in the closet. Look under the bed. Double check everything. Very compulsive and she would check things that no one could be in. For example she would check her drawers, etc. Open anything that had a lid. She has always been someone who is very scared. She cannot watch a scary movie and if she does we are normally dealing with the issue of her being scared every night. This has been going on for a few years now. But that has been the extent of it. Like I said I think my wife is an enabler. I would tell my daughter to go back to her room and go to bed. There is nothing wrong. My wife would always respond to her., Go in and console her etc.

Well last night my wife was up with my daughter to 3am because even with my wife in the room. She was hearing noises in the dark. Seeing things moving. Hearing growling. Etc. She doesn't have these sort of things go on in the day. It is like she is a little kid afraid of the boogie man but to the extreme.

Unfortunately I don't have patience for my wife's anxiety issues and really none for my daughter's either, but should I be concerned. Is this some sort of beginning schizophrenia? I'm pretty sure we are going to have her go see someone but I worry about the labeling.

Any advice? Any similarities or articles that you could point me to.

Concerned but frustrated father.
Fowden responded:
Having a mental illness doesn't include the years of training needed to diagnose. Sounds like there's some pathology there, but you've got to let someone with letters after their name determine what it is. If your daughter might be willing to talk to someone, half the battle is over. I wish I could be of more help, but remember you're asking the cow that thinks it's a chicken. Best wishes to you.
Anon_124828 replied to Fowden's response:
I'm kind of wondering what caused her to begin to check on things before going to bed but with what seems like paranoia. Has she had some experiences lately that would influence her behavior? I'm thinking that it's this paranoid behavior that's awakening what some people would just call hallucinations.

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