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Voices in Your Head. Coming to Terms with Them or Medication?
JaCedARtanas posted:
I've been talking to voices in my head, and on occassion they talk to me out loud. I've been talking to them for as long as i can remember, but if i had to pick a time it would've started while i was in grade 8,in 2008. When the voices want to talk out loud, my voice changes tone and i loose control of my body for a few seconds, but I know what I'm saying and doing.

When it first started i felt different from everyone and it was really hard trying to cope with it as an elementary school kid. I thought i was weird and nobody will understand. The voices weren't making it any better either, I had to try so hard not letting them talk durring class, and at home i had to make it look like i was talking on the phone so that my perents wouldn't find out. The more i hid this from everyone the more they got worse. Also whenever they said anything out loud, it was always just be negative like, "Shut up! Go die!". Sometimes there would be power struggles with my body too, when they wanted to talk and i wouldn't let them they'd hit me. But i never lost to them once, i'm always under control.

I told my closest friends about it, i was scared at first, but i could always rely on them for advice. And when i told them they understood and accepted me. When that happened i felt so relieved, and they said to me, "Why dont you just accept them? if thats who you are then let them be". And that's what I did, i tried to accept them and it took 3 long years for them to actually talk to me in conversations, and now they don't hit me anymore. They're still a hand full everynow and then, but its nothing to hard for me to handle. I want to develop my relationship with them further if it's possible, i don't want to shun them, also i don't want to see a doctor either. I've heard of people coming to trems with their own voices in their heads and understanding them. I think trying to understand them and having some sort of mutual respect for eachother is way better then prescripted medicine. Please respond if you have any comments or advice for me. Also I would like to hear from anybody's point of view on wheather or not it's better for me to have mutual respect for the voices or just take medication, even though im still on the "mutual respect" side other then the "medication" side.

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