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Territorial Voices
eaavendano posted:
I have been hearing voices since 2007 or at least that's when I became aware of it. It's now 2010. Among the things that I hear from these unknown voices is to leave certain places like my city, the state or even the country because according to them "I'm in Hell...".

The thing that I can say about this is just ask the question, what does everyone think about constantly being bombarded with annoying, prankster-like, amateurish voices that you can't tell where they are coming from EVERYWHERE YOU GO, like being in the middle of a party you just crashed in which you weren't invited?

I tend to cope with this by either taking medication, which sedates me and makes me really tired, affecting my concentration or by being by myself without any outside interference like a loud TV or radio playing in the background because I also hear voices from those sources.

I believe that this is caused by changes in the brain and science can prove that, but I think that there is more to it than that.



In 2007 I was working in a department store, so I started making eye contact with people as a habit. A few months later I had a huge seizure at home that knocked me out. I was left with feelings of hopelessness and anxiety attacks that lasted several months. I think that the habit of making casual eye contact at work eventually caused the seizure. I also started hearing voices and insulting slang words whenever I would look at anyone in public by something that I can't see and from strangers, which was shocking to me and it took a while to learn to deal with it.

I don't know if this illness came to me as a result of working with the public or from something within me that caused it.

I'm also ambidextrous and I notice that the voices get louder and more menacing whenever I use my left hand. I also had a one time confrontation at work with someone and a few months later the seizure and the voices that have persisted to this day, 2007 to 2010.

I was once casually asked by my doctor in the second meeting I had with him out of the blue if I had ever had a problem with anyone at work without me mentioning to him I once had, not sure why he would ask such a question or what does that have to do with me hearing voices.

Something I didn't tell my doctor was that everything I started hearing at work was work related and to do with my life at the point. Would like to hear from other people who are going through stuff like this and what they think caused it.



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SweetiePiesMom responded:
When I first started hearing voices, I, too, was working with people and felt everyone was talking about me. I believed they knew every intimate detail of my life and thoughts. Even if I had never seen the person before, I could hear there thoughts and they were always critical of me.

I often make eye contact and found myself staring harder to try to hear them clearly and out of fear to hear what they were "saying." To muffle the voices, I used a lot of drugs but found after awhile, it made things worse.

Finally, I was hospitalized in a state of total psychosis. I got the right psychiatrist and meds. For awhile I still had hallucinations, but started to learn what was real and what wasn't. Soon, the paranoia also went away.

I don't think having a public job, or making eye contact causes the voices. I believe it's the chemicals in my brain.
larsstarscanary responded:
I heard voices, etc--There was a lot going on. It was awful.

For me, making eye-contact and looking around my environment forces me to do a reality check. Most people are just going about their business...

Thank goodness my medication controls the worst of the symptoms.

I believe I had a genetic disposition to the illness, and that environment factors triggered it. I know it wasn't eye contact.

I hope you feel better soon.
SweetiePiesMom replied to larsstarscanary's response:
I'm glad your meds are working-mine are, too. Hearing the voices is terrrifying and most people have no clue what we're going through.

I'm glad we got to touch base.

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