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Question about schitzo effect and thought disorder
staind60 posted:
I went through a realitivly tough divorce with my wife over 4 years ago. Don't really want to get into all the details but really felt like she went off the deep end. She started an affair with a 16 year old kid and that ended the marriage.

I went to some marriage cousnling with her, when it came up the counslor thought she had some mental issues my ex quit going and it pretty much ended the marriage. The counslor said she beleive she had schitzo effective disorder, thought disorder and Post Tramatic Stress Disorder.

Going through the divorce I had a really hard time negotiating splitting things up, she thought she should get everything. Even though her getting everything she would be unable to make payments on the vehciles and the house. She didn't make enough money to make payment on both her vehicle and the house payment, but she of course wanted both.

Well, I end up getting the house, but she never felt it was fair. We didn't speak much after the divorce but I'd get e-mails about how unfair the divorce agreement was, how I ripped her off because I got the house, how she's going to hire a lawyer and try to get the house etc.

Well, now were over 4 years after the divorce. I get a call from her out of the blue and she's really polite and she's like, you know what I've been thinking? I think we should just sell the house and split the money.

My jaw literally hits the floor, I'm wondering what the heck she's thinking, like I'm going to go, yea that sounds fair, let's do that. The house that I've now had for 4 years, done the up keep, paid 100% of the morgage for 4 years. Got it in the divorce, I'm now just going to sell it and split the money with you.

My question is, I really never understood the thought disorder part of this. Is this part of the thought disorder? I just can't get over how crazy of a question it was and honestly don't know what her expections were when asking me to do this.
MelC3 responded:
I went through a divorce myself over four years ago. During the process I hit bottom. I left the marriage because I was not happy but the guilt of leaving by 8 year old daughter was eating me inside. I was so depress I could not leave my home for a year. However, while I was sitting in my apartment I had a wake up call. While I was browsing online I stumbled on a site about seven chakras meditation and led to isochronic tones and solfeggio frequency, which I practice everyday and I found that they have given me some relieve and help me to live a more productive life. I also began to take care of myself in more healthy way. I decided to join a gym, change my eating habit for a better skin and body solution and lost 30lbs. Now that I was feeling better about myself, I decided to write down some the challenges I was going through in the form of poetry, which led me to self-publish a book of poetry
I want you to know I understand some the challenges you speak of. I can tell you it will not be easy but I can tell you there is light at the end of dark tunnel. I still have a fear of love but I am sure I will overcome that also with time

larsstarscanary responded:
I don't know what a thought disorder is technically. It sounds, though, as if her thought process is just fine--She wants the house. She can want forever, but I wouldn't give it to her nor entertain any of her notions.

I'd have to get my phone number changed, and, without reading them, I'd mark any emails from her as spam. I'd probably change my email address, too!

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