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paronoid delusions abound
helpterry posted:
A dear friend of mine has always shown signs of some sort of delusional disorder. I know he has spent time in mental institutions in the past. I have been friends for 4 years now and other than a few easily dismissed incidents, I have truly never felt any danger. That all changed abruptly about a month ago. My friend allowed his brother to move in with him (he lives alone and has a hard time making ends meet). Shortly after the brothers moved in together my friend started exhibiting very delusional and sometimes aggressive behavior. He became convinced that his brother was poisoning his coffee with insulin that was being obtained by his ex wife or that was being administered by me because I was being paid to do so by his family. After a short period of this , he informed me through tears that his brother was threatening to kill his self every time that they were alone. Because this was so terrible upsetting to my friend I agreed to talk to his brother and ask him to please stop. I did this and the complete look of utter shock that registered on the brothers face lead me to believe that I was being used as some kind of patsy. I than suggested that his brother, my friend and myself all sit down and try to get this ironed out my friend completely refused. I continued to talk to them sepearatly and it finally came down to his brother moving out.
I would have thought that this would have put a stop to the delusions but they became much much worse. He refused to sleep at home because his brother(or SOMEONE) had made a key and was sneaking in. He started taking way to many pills because he said that his back (chronic) was hurting unbearable. Visits to the hospital were continually put off and he started hanging out at the local pubs drinking WAY to much and gambling all his money away.
After a 2 month period of this he became verbally abusive towards me as well as two other female friends of his (mine). He than started with a new tormenter which was the 'Mexicans". His wife had "went with the Mexicans " after their relationship went sour some years earlier
His most recent adventures include getting constantly run of the road by the Mexicans who have a trailer that is big enough for his car! He had to leave a camping trip that I had invited him too because there was wild orgies going on. My sons were at that trip. Wow!
I began comparing notes with the other two women that have been a large part of his life over the past few years. He has been telling all three of us the most insane assortment of things that all revolve around the horrible mistreatment the world has been bestowing upon him lately.Once again he refuses to just set things in order by talking to all of us at once.
The icing in the cake came very recently when he began bragging that he now had something to protect his self with. He claimed to have a gun, but an unannounced search of his car without his knowledge turned up nothing. He has been flashing around a rather large knife though.
I am Very concerned and truly do not know what I should do next. I have decided to not be alone with him or to play into his delusions. He becomes enraged when he is not allowed to do so, but I simply tell him that I will not be treated like that. I stopped allowing him to spend time at my home because he will go directly to the windows and start "peeking". His very latest is that he has been using the Highway Patrol to protect his self and is always trying to give me detailed accounts of his visits with them. He claims to be checking out the window in order to make sure that they are 'on the job'.
I worry that by not feeding into him is going to convince him that I am also out to get him. I dont know what to do and am upset that my friend of all these years is not going to make it back to reality. Do you have any advice?

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Sukie543 responded:
Stay away from him. I know he's your friend but he's sick and you are not a doctor and are not in the position to help him. He sounds like he is very well capable of becoming violent. Don't think you can save him from going over the edge, it's inevitable.

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