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Do you think I have schizophrenia?
iceveela posted:
I took a test and it said I have early signs of it. I also have felt many things and saw many shadows that are never really there, but it is more of a "out of the corner of your eye" thing, but they can also run across your vision.

I also have delusions, where I believe that people are out to get me, and that I am scared that ghosts and monsters will come out and attack me. I personally know they are not very improbable to exist, but it seems like i believe they really do exist despite the evidence. I am afraid my shadows will start hurting me and talking to me.

I also have high anxiety, I actually had a panic attack when I started seeing the shadows tonight.

I also checked the chart of symptoms, and it seems like I have every single symptom on there. including, but not limited to:

Low motivation
Childish behavior
stopping midsentence, forgetting what I said
social withdrawl
memory problems
hygene issues
attention issues
hypersensitivity to criticism
not feeling depression in a sad event
I even smile and laugh at sad events in moves, I do not even know why...

and almost all the other symptoms.

I hate to sound like I am self-diagnosing myself. But i am curious to see if I am crazy, or i am just over-reacting to anxiety (that i usully do not feel until after the episode...). I know I should see a doctor, but I am broke and I do not want my family to think I am nuts. So this is my only hope at the moment.
kaylabeauty responded:
I'm so scared right daughter is having these same symptoms! We thought it was due to the high dose of Lexapro she is on. Where did you find the test that said you have early sypmtoms?
Thank you for your help, and I'd like to share any info I receive with you too.
work5 responded:
Are you living alone? Do you have help? What meds are you taking now? Please let me know how you are doing.
Nuclear_Rose responded:
you are not crazy. just because you have some emotional problems does not mean you are schizophrenic. and all the other symptoms could be from an anxiety disorder.
relaxin67 responded:
Hi Iceveela. Here's my opinion, and this helps me the most. It can be helpful to categorize symptoms into this diagnosis or that diagnosis, or to know that you have these symptoms or those symptoms. But..... to me, the most helpful assessment for me to have, is that my symptoms may be somewhat unique or they may fall into any number of categories--or they may overlap certain diagnoses, but how I am feeling and how I am doing on any given day, or in any given week is most important. To learn to deal with my own symptoms is crucial. ....If you'd like my little input, which may help (or may not help), I'd say what you're experiencing could also be some PTSD with a bit of a great imagination, and some anxiety thrown in. But whatever is the issue or issues, you will be okay. You really will. And try not to be influenced by the stigma of any diagnosis. Those categories of illnesses are intended to help with treatment and care, not to label people as something bad or insulting. Consider it a good thing that you are at least able to articulate your difficulties in an arena where you are likely to get a sympathetic reply. That's are not nuts. You're on your way, in a good sense, along with other people here in this forum. Keep it up!

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