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Abilify caused very serious tooth loss....has anyone experienced this side effect?
anneecobb posted:
July 23, 2011

Hello, my name is Karen, I am over 60, and I am confined to a wheelchair. I currently live in a Senior Citizens Complex in the South suburbs of Chicago.

I took Abilify from 3/2005 to 5/2007, and I experienced massive tooth loss from a side effect from Abilify. I was told that this is ONE of the side effects suffered from Abilify. I need to find other people who have had massive tooth loss so we can support each other and file a Class Act against Abilify. I am not after the doctors who prescribed this to me because I believe the drug representatives choose not to tell them about these serious side effects. The doctors were offered a kickback for each patient that took the drug. I think many doctors were not told the whole truth about Abilify, because then they would not be able to endorse this product to their patients.

My caretaker and I have been investigating into Meyers, Bristol, and Squibb (MBS) who are the manufacturer of Abilify. We have found out that 50% of the patients that took Abilify before the FDA demanded the new labeling ended up with Diabetes.

These people have banded together and filed a Class Act against MBS. My goal is to do the same thing with people who have suffered tooth loss from Abilify. I believe that the new labeling for the medication bottles was in 2004.

However, my medication labeling did not specify that there was any danger in taking it for Diabetes OR tooth loss. So far, I have lost $10,000 in dental work and more to come in the future if I am to get my new teeth. I have a case pending against MBS and it is imperative that I find other patients that have had this happen to them so we can get together and file a Class Act for our pain and suffering.

I have found through phone calls and the Internet that lawyers only want to take on the pending Diabetes Class Act, because it is a case in which they will be able to make large sums of money if the Class Act wins.

I feel we need to do the same thing, so I am asking any patients that have lost their teeth due to this drug to contact me at the below email address. We then can band together to file a Class Ac. I believe then we will be able to find a lawyer to take our case.

Please only SERIOUS cases apply. Please, do not waste time if you are not being truthful about the tooth loss side affect and do not have proper documentation to back your case up. I would recommend that you get documentation from your pharmacist, doctor or dentist that you visited in the past over your tooth loss, along with any bills you may have incurred.

I want to thank ahead of time anyone that is honest and emails me at the below email address. That way we can start on this before the Status-of-Limitation is reached. We need to act quickly on this together if we want positive results.

Thank you for letting me post this letter online. I hope that someone will read this and be able to relate to this case. Please also send any advice or other information that would be needed to make this a successful Class Action Lawsuit.

Karen Coyle

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