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Telepathy - STOP telepathic terror
VinkoTelepat posted:

My name is Vinko Rajic , Swedish citizen .
I am maybe the only really telepathic person in the world. You should not think that I could be Schizophrenic.

I can exchange voice, video, smell, people can move small move muscles on my body from distance and much more
and all messages from me are transmitted to big number of people so I am a Mental Radio.
One of the most advanced things I can do is to talk brain to brain and it is very fascinating,
works 100% and it is really talk direct to brain.

What I find most fascinating my telepathy is nearly identical what Schizophrenics experiences.
They can get voice, videos and smell, I can transmit voice , video and smell using telepathy.
People can connect my brain in such a way that they are like running my thinking, it is like you connect
some ones head and when you think he fill it like he is thinking, difficult to explain.
When someone connect me he can think own thoughts inside my brain and that is exact what Schizophrenics are
talking about "delusional thinking".

My telepathy manifest itself exact like "Schneider's first-rank symptoms".

What I want to tell is that I think that is very big mistake not to take me seriously and make research with me and stop using me
for creating some idiot show in which my life is just getting vested and some idiots find employment.
I think that some of "Schizophrenics" are just receiving from some person from very long distance.

They are few important differences, moving small muscles on my body and sex.
People can tell me that they are going to move some small muscle on my body and really move it.
One of most fascinating things is pen-is erection. It is possible to get my penis erected from distance any time ,
it means I can have sex forever and very intensive , something like Tantra.

I never found any document about any other existing person in human history like myself, but
science never did serious research on me and I actually did not exist in world of science.
I could easy give evidence for telepathy.Maybe some of Neurologist or scientist
could help me or is maybe interesting to make research on my phenomena.
IrwinsLady responded:
okay so what are you getting at?
larsstarscanary responded:
I hope you find peace of mind.
roselee54321 responded:
I am completely non-symptomatic for six years now. As I got better I began to think the voices were not telepathic, but energy spirits fooling me into thinking i could hear or be controlled by other people. The reason i don't dismiss it outright is because there were too many coincidences or something and it was constantly proving itself to be real, for instance "hearing" someone and then they would say aloud something the same as what i "heard". I am so glad i am on clozaril now and had ECT. They were completly curative and i think it's because of energy being rebalanced in my mind.
valpop responded:
do believe in telepaths but how do you treat it, if it is something you don't want in your life
jonny17999 responded:
someone who is just like me, i do basically everything u said also, btw thats your central nervous system being controlled through your cerebral cortex.they are used for telepathy. i want to talk to you because u are advanced in this stuff, message me on yahoo messenger my user is Jonny17999
undefined responded:
Check this i am exactly like you in a way. i can literally have sex with anyone thru telepathy. even thru television as long as the feed is live.. but its like you said "all messages from me are transmitted to big number of people so I am a Mental Radio." i consider that a weakness of ours. ive been trying to learn to focus it more specifically. But it like as soon as ur thought wanders then boom.... email me we tlk more...
juma54 responded:
You should check out this site.
There are people with similar problem.
jsijo responded:
I am a victim of this for the past 7months as far as I know. Is there anything that could be done to stop this. I had plans to inform CBI or NIA in india. Would that help me out? Since I know one person behind this. Help me out. It has detroyed my mental peace and its effecting my personal life.
jsijo responded:
anyone know about the project called MKultra of CIA. We could be a victim of the same.
An_262057 responded:
I believe you vinko

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