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No one believes me :(
monstergreen posted:
I really hate this no one believes me Why would I lye about hearing things and seeing things that most don't. In the beginning of my schizophrenia was when i was a boy whenever I would walk alone I would hear my name and when I turned around no one was there. But it really started to get bad when i fell into the drug world what I thought was helping me was just making it worse, meth made it easy to be around people and weed would slow down my thoughts so I could think straight. Thank god I am now drug free of meth for 6 years and weed for 3. Back in 2002 I tried to kill my self I got closer then any body should after that I started to hear these two voices that were different then the ones I deal with they are evil, sorry of going on for so long my point is I wish the doctors would finally say I have schizophrenia and put me on the right path to maybe one day I will have control of this
IrwinsLady responded:
had the same problem with my other pdocs they didnt believe me. but i am Bipolar as well and they thought it was Psychosis but when it didnt go away even with medication my new pdoc was hello you have schizophrenia. but that would be considered SchizoAffective Bipolar type. sorry about the long winded post.
Sukie543 responded:
you shouldn't want to be schizophrenic. it's so sad to see so many people wanting to be diagnosed with severe illnesses because they have just been completely brain washed by the system.
do you believe you have a soul? in your suicide attempt do you not think of what happened to your soul and body? you need to see a spiritual counselor.
IrwinsLady replied to Sukie543's response:
dont see how a spiritual counselor who help anything. not everyone is spiritual.
larsstarscanary responded:
Having a diagnosis truly helped me to stabilize. I hope they help you to find out what is wrong with you so that you can stabilize, too!
snoopy1004 responded:
Am sorry to hear that.
Anon_124828 replied to snoopy1004's response:
It is interesting to hear how it is always voices that talk from out of nowhere or whisper someone's name but you don't know where to turn because no one is in sight. Back when I was working the grave shift I would hear what sounded like rude customers cussing at me without looking at me, I figured they were trying to be smart. But once there was an assistant manager, not sure what happened to him, he was standing far off on the end of an aisle in the store with a girl next to him, then these creeps started whispering a derogatory word to me I still hear by these voices, plus the two voices that are supposed to be either the virgin mary or jesus are rather oddly related to this experience.

I think it's possible a person can actually be given schizophrenia, maybe that is what happened to me, disturbing.
larsstarscanary responded:

I hope the doctors will listen to you.

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