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    Caprice's Get-Well Thread
    Headline posted:
    As you may or may not have heard (and as I didn't hear until today), Caprice is having a routine gallbladder procedure. While gallbladder procedures ARE routine, they are also No Fun. Therefore... I propose we do something Fun. :)

    What are you going to bring Caprice to help cheer her up while she shakes off the anesthesia and tries to find a comfy sitting position?

    I'll bring her a plushy koala to remind her of gorgeous Australia, and some of my eucalyptus spearmint aromatherapy lotion from Bath & Body Works for refreshing mind-clearing relaxation!
    Do you know, in 900 years of time and space, I've never met anyone who wasn't important before. -- The Doctor (as written by Steven Moffat)
    An_215529 responded:
    i would bring the sounds of the ways so she could relax and travel into a tropical heaven while in a hammocj
    washedaway responded:
    I'm gonna bring her good movies to watch and good books to read...either paper or ereader variety...whichever she that she has plenty to keep her mind occupied...cause I know if my mind isn't occupied, I get up and try to find something to occupy it with...

    happy rest and recovery Caprice :)
    Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia. - Charles Schultz
    iwanttostop responded:
    i will bring here a ladder just in case she wants to escape the breakfast food.
    TheSullenGirl responded:
    • Some homemade chicken soup
    • Hot pack for the tummy (sometimes a little heat it helpful)

    **fluffs pillows**

    Feel Better Caprice
    lostkate responded:
    I will bring her balloons and flowers to brighten up her surrounds. The recovery rooms arent always a cheerful place.

    Hope surgery went well and your feeling better.
    slik_kitty responded:
    i'll bring her comic books to make her laugh. oops, maybe not a good idea to laugh after surgery. lol what do i bring? some soft squishy stuffies and a warm blanket with lots of pillows so she can be comfortable as she recovers.
    dem24 replied to lostkate's response:
    you better take care of yourself miss. no coming back to soon, the board will be in good hands. we all send our love anf miss you, but we will be here when you get back. that us your family.s orders
    dem24 replied to dem24's response:
    i think if we were allowed to be there to take care we would
    Off_The_Wall replied to dem24's response:
    I'll bring her an Easter basket full of goodies like a chocolate bunny, colorful eggs, a little stuffed animal chick, etc. :)
    MyDeli replied to Off_The_Wall's response:
    I'll bring another soft blankie, some snacks to munch on and the most oh-so-gentle little hug :)
    penguie responded:
    snowballs? hehehhe

    ok so maybe I will be a good pengui and bring the chocolate coconut type snowballs and perhaps a polar bear shot (better to drink polar bears than have them eat penguies teehee) to help ease any discomfort, we just wont tell the doc ;-)
    Catmagic responded:
    She told us not to worry about her...listen Caprice, we will worry about you anyway. We love you. We like some fungus you can't get rid of.

    I have laughed my self silly imagining your WedMD family pacing back and forth on your front potch. Your neighbors wondering what the heck is going on.

    *sneaks in the window* (didn't know I had catburglar skills didja?)

    fluffs pillow and freshens your glass of water, Leaves non-tummy-irritating snacks. Places fresh sun dried linens on your bed,scratches any itches you can't reach, gently washes and rub lotion into your feet and then paint your toenails some hidious color scheme and cackle as it will be a while before you can comfortably reach down to remove it.

    Replaces the batteries in your remote. Kisses your forehead and sneaks back outside.

    Sure hope your pain level is smoothing and your back on your regular pain med regime.

    peace be the journey

    penguie responded:
    A little note from someone working in the medical field:

    1. Bed rest means bedrest. We dont want to see you dancing around with an IV pole as your partner

    2. Gowns technically open at the back, usually a more important fact for the men but nonetheless, tie at the back!

    3. In relation to 1 and 2 no bare bottom dancing down the hallway!

    4. If they are nice enough to provide the three hole gown, the 3rd hole is not for over the head! Wrap around please, else you will be dancing with your IV pole partner like a rather strange looking mummy doing the monster mash

    5. The call button is not a clicky pen even though it feels and operates like one. Hehehe, please try to refrain from clicking a symphony. If needed, ask for a clicky pen, I am certain your nurse will oblige ;-)
    starrystarrynight310 replied to penguie's response:
    *brings in a basket of Nexxus shampoo and conditioner, as well as a bin and a couple of pitchers of warm water. stays to help you reach and lather your hair, then rinse, condition, and rinse again*

    There's nothing like freshly-washed hair when you're bedbound. I remember my five days in the hospital with a cast around my ankle all the way up to my knee, and all I really wanted was to wash my hair, face, and change my underwear.

    *brings you a fresh pack of Fruit-of-the-Loom* Just between us girls.

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