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    If it's not one's another..
    TheSullenGirl posted:
    Stress-echo went good. Don't have to wear the monitor anymore. Will meet up with them at the end of April to see if there is anything I need to follow up on or do. Then hopefully be given the okay to join a gym.

    My mom has a ovarian cyst - which is abnormal in post-menapause. She is freaked out due to her history of breast cancer (x 2). Her CA-125 is normal - but in early stages of Ovarian cancer it may read normal or it could even be a false negative.

    She is angry with the doctor who ordered the test because she has not heard from her - even after 2 calls (which were answered rudely by the secretary). She got the abnormal U.S. report from our PCP. Luckily I work in Oncology and was able to give her a name of a Gyn-Onc doctor. So after they get all of her reports/records they will set up an appointment with her.

    But everyday at least 1-2 times I get a phone call about it from her. It's stressing me out, but I can't let on that it is. I feel ashamed that it is stressing me out. I know she needs me and I am willing to be there for her. But is it wrong for me to be feeling stressed out from it? I would never tell her to back off. But I feel like I am at a loss for words for her and feel bad that I have nothing left to say. I just kind of repeat what I already said.

    ((sigh)) I just need to know if how I am feeling is okay or if I need to step back and reflect and become a better person.
    rugger1369 responded:
    Of course it normal to be stressed, your mother has the potential to be very sick. And it something you and her have gone through before and battled through successfully! You have every right to be stressed, just try your best to not let it consume you. Stay strong for your mother and yourself. Be patient, and hold your worry until all the information has come in.
    Kate_Te responded:
    Hi SG -

    First of all I am very happy your stress echo went well & you got the Frankenstein machine off of you!

    I agree with Rugger, your feelings are completely normal. You are stressed about your own health plus your mom's. Add to that, her concerns that you cannot answer until more results come in & you have the perfect recipe for stress! It reminds me why doctors don't treat family members. Your knowledge makes you a beacon in your family when it comes to medical issues.

    Like you said, you have nothing more to tell your mom, so don't; just let her vent and try not to take her worries on as your own. Use your knowledge, know that you don't know until the results come back. Try not to worry until you have the facts. (Much easier said than done).

    I hope everything works out. Please keep letting us know.

    iwanttostop responded:
    yea, about your eco.... i don't know if feeling can be right or wrong, they are affected by every thing else going on in are life's.(i don't know if i have feelings) i think what is important is how we react to are feeling, (issue) and it sounds like you are doing that well. i will keep you in my thoughts and prayers, i hope you get news that lightens your load.
    TheSullenGirl responded:
    Thank you ladies!

    My mom sent the ordering doctor an e-mail. The doctor called my mom and apologized.

    Now we just wait to see how the Gyn-Onc appt. goes. I'll see what resident is on this weekend and give them the heads up that my mom will be coming into the office soon.

    Please keep your thoughts/prayers/good vibes coming this way.
    I'd hate to see my mom have to go through the ordeal of cancer all over again. I want my mom to be able to enjoy my wedding next year and to see more grandchildren come her way later on.

    Thank you!
    jankearney123 replied to TheSullenGirl's response:
    prayers for your mom your family and you sg!

    Prayers everyday for my family here at web md. Really i do pray for all of you!
    Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to TheSullenGirl's response:
    Sending good thoughts your mom's way, TSG, and hugs to you.
    You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
    ~Christopher Robin to Pooh

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