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It's been suggested that we leave a space between the start of a post and the triggering part.

Write something innocuous in the first line. then leave some spaces between in and the subject matter. this should take care of accidentally triggering someone.

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Feeling Overwhelmed?
Caprice_WebMD_Staff posted:
Whether it's kids, partners, neighbors, family obligations, projects at work, finances, your own personal issues, how do you handle it when you feel overwhelmed? What healthy strategies help you cope? Share your own tips and read others' to get ideas.
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
hahahaha! okay that's a funny one to have an a SI board.

Caprice you need to alter the message for this board to specify:

What HEALTHY strategies help you cope? Share your own HEALTHY tips and read others' to get ideas.

well, cause you know us.
I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
off_the_wall responded:
Well, let's see, I post on a self harm message board. So, in answer to your question, the strategies I often use to cope involve self harming behaviors. I'm sure I'm not the only one here.
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
You're right, Paja. I thought it was implied but I really should have included that in my initial post. I've now edited.
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to off_the_wall's response:

Perhaps one of your strategies, aside from self harming in the first place, is posting here when you're struggling. I know it doesn't always replace the self harm but I hope it helps at least some of the time.
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
besmith75 replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
You know what's funny is that the only 'constructive' way I have of coping is to clean. Especially the dishes. By hand (even though I have a dishwasher). People who really know me know that if my house is spotless (I'm a single mom with 2 boys and a dog...clean doesn't happen very often) that all hell has broken loose and to watch out.
jankearney123 replied to besmith75's response:
sometimes i've called a crisis hotline where they actually will talk to you about what's happening with you regardless if you are sh bound or suicidal. I'd share the no. with you but it's local.

i go to sometimes to do the meditation pieces and mindfulness exercises.

i get two inspirational short writings to my email every day.
the daily motivator (if you watch it with the music its much better and it has beautiful pictures) and from hazelden Todays tip or some such thing. it can apply to any addiction you have and after so long sh becomes an addiction. both are free and non soliciting cept you want to keep the hazeldon one private.

one i will share with you that is very effective and its helped me the best of anything i have ever tried is this:
rate your sh from 1-10 > are you halt (hungry, angry, lonely or tired) take care of halt > sit in silence for 2-3 mins. and just breathe and try to let the squirrel cage relax slow breathing fromt he belly >From the very first moment to the very bitter end in your mind (w/o envisioning the actual act of sh but rather what happens) think thru to the bitter end what you would want to do and beyond like after the deed, the next hour, the next day, week, mo., year(s)
Move on> have a plan to do somthing fun instead of acting on the craving or emotion

I hope this thread helps someone
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to besmith75's response:
That's interesting, Besmith... about others around you knowing what to watch for.

I'm glad you found one thing you can do to help you cope that doesn't involve self injury.
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
Caprice_WebMD_Staff replied to jankearney123's response:
Really good tips, Fran, thank you for sharing them.
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
niteflier replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hello everyone, thank you for the suggestions and really good ideas of what to do when I get in that mood. I also have severe depression and sometimes having fun - well, nothing seems fun.
I do force myself to get up in the morning, but I do not make it to far (I am no longer employed and have not heard back from several places I have tried to volunteer at - another setback).

I have a kitty that motivates me to get up - she relys on me to feed her, give her rubbies and brushies and above all play time. I love her dearly and she loves me unconditionally (why I do not know). I do not want her to feel she is not loved - i.e. my motivator

I have been told I have anger issues. If you met me you would not know that. (I am afraid of the day my anger escapes my grasps).

I am thankful that my anger is only directed toward myself vice anyone else.

Not sure if I added to 'good tips', but I am still searching oir ways to not be so angry at myself as well.
Kate_Te replied to niteflier's response:
I try to meditate daily. I do a lot of self soothing (not great for my waistline, but good for my mental health). I talk to my brother every day (not about sh or mental health, just talk). I post on here when things get out of control.

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