Gratitude 5/10
besmith75 posted:
Sorry to borrow your idea Fran, but I know that have had a rough week & would really to come up with some positives in my life right now.

I'm grateful that my little boy's 3 day bout with the stomach flu is over & he gets to spend some quality time with his stepdad (which he was so looking forward to).

I'm grateful that I just got a 2hr uninterrupted nap.

I'm grateful to the mother bird who put her nest in the roof of my balcony. I can sit outside on a beautiful day and hear their little peeps (as well as watch her take care of them). She spends all day just finding food for them while they poke their little heads out & wait. It reminds me that motherhood is supposed to be a lot of work.

I'm grateful that it is such a beautiful day I am allowed to sit out with my iced mocha & watch it happen.

I'm grateful for my iced mocha.

I'm grateful for all of your kind words & understanding that are giving me the strength to finally find a T.

I'm grateful to anyone who will accept this from me... (((hug)))

Anyone else?
besmith75 responded:
And that's supposed to say 'Gratitude 5/19'. Damn touchscreen on my phone...
jankearney123 replied to besmith75's response:
i'm thankful b started my gratitude list again!

totally spaced it out