waves hello
penguie posted:
Still alive but in lurk mode. Learned best to kep my yapper shut and well with some of the crazy schedule I have been on meh too tired to think about doing anything. So I just come home and flop ontot he couch and let Bambi run. Never went ahead and made that call I had been contemplating before. Just monitoring things and shall see. Trying hard to keep on track so.....meh

anyhow just wanted to say hello. And Bambi gives a flick of the tail as she darts into some further mischief. (she is one rascal of a rabbit and would give bugs Bunny a run for his money)
slik_kitty responded:
hi penguie and bambi! nice to hear from you. i am tired from work too. this working thing has got to stop. lol
lovely_lemon_tree replied to slik_kitty's response:
Work is for the birds.

Hi, y'all.
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MandyCake replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
Well... until you can no longer do it... Then the idea of working sounds good.
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