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being hideous at my sister's wedding
socalmsg posted:
hi, everyone. last november my sister got engaged, and now the wedding is right on top of us. we leave for the wedding (it is being held out of state- so out of CA) tomorrow morning. the gist of my post is this: i have DETESTED the bridesmaid dress that my sister insisted on since day 1. i have never EVER felt so ugly and down right HIDEOUS as i do in this dress. "frumpy" doesn't even begin to cover it. i LITERALLY look like a human marshmellow. this may sound comical, but it really isn't . i loved absolutely huge. this particular style of dress is really only meant for super skilly people who have absolutely have no curvature and can therefore aesthetically afford to look like they are 70 lbs heavier than they are.

the two times i have tried this dress on (2 months ago) i cried. i cried both times (in the bathroom so no one would know i was crying- it's the only place in my house where i have some degree of privacy) because the dress is EXTREMELY unflattering on me. seriously you guys, it is just awful.

please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that i do not self injure on this trip. i tried it on again about ten minutes ago to see if it was truly as awful as i remembered it from a couple months back. it is. i am 31 years old and i have never felt as HORRIBLE about myself as i do in that dress. and if any of you are wondering to yourselves, does her sister know she detests it that much? the answer to that question is a resounding YES. she just doesn't care.

the wedding is on sunday and i will be back on tuesday.

thank you . xoxoxo
Kate_Te responded:
socalmsg replied to Kate_Te's response:
thanks, kate.
socalmsg responded:
  • *** in line 8 i meant to say "look" absolutely huge.... not "loved.


    thanks again for taking the time to read and respond...
    slik_kitty responded:
    good luck. you can make it through this. you only have to wear it long enough for the wedding. then you can rip it off and tear it to shreds. hugs
    MandyCake replied to socalmsg's response:
    How about doing a whoops on the dress... as you are getting ready for the wedding? Make certain you have a dress you are comfortable with packed with you as an alternative. If you Sister is aware of how this is effecting you and just doesn't care, well, accidents happen on wedding days and your dress could accidently be ruined before the ceremony so she will have no other option but to allow you to wear what you desire.

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