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    nopoin posted:
    [TRIGGER] TRIGGERING--------------MAY BE TRIGGERING--------------------------------

    The next door neighbor is at it again, He thinks his going to get him some, Not from me, besides he's old enough to be my grandfather. He started touching me on my shirt and my arm, I have told him to leave me alone but he's not listening. Between him and how my husband hurts me I just can't take it, It's triggering my memories of the sexual abuse I had to hide when I was a child. The only thing I turned to then was S-I ing. Today I'm trying real hard to put the addictive behavior of S-I behind me. I'm often stay away from the house during the day, I just don't feel safe there and I should be able to enjoy my home at any giving time. He's bring some strong trigger feelings in me(one of being angry and in turn triggers my need to S-I ) and most of the time for the sake of argument between my husband and my stepdad I never fought back I just did what I was told no questions asked, I don't want to be like that with the neighbor I want to stand my ground , i feel real real triggery at the moment, Because I have been trying to work hard at having a life that is not controlled by S-I. Over the past few weeks S-I ing has started to scare the heck out of me, I don't need anyone or any feeling to mess that up. Does anyone have any advice or do I just sit and wait to see how I react( how far my depression goes or my need to reach out for objects) in the up coming days? I have tried to contact the police office that deals with this kind of stuff but they pass me off to four other offices, one of them being the place where people go to reg, if they are sex offenders, that was not a place I ever want to be at again. so with police i got no where. Please help need advice
    socalmsg responded:
    hi nopoin, i dont think we have met before. i am SoCalMSG. I just read your post. you are absolutely right when you said that you should be happy and comfortable and feel safe in your own home. i am not sure what your living arrangement is, but if you live in a residence, you can get a restraining order or something similar that keeps you neighbor off your property (legal restraint). first, however, you neeed to make sure that you have been firm and very straightforward with this jerk who is your next door neighbor. let him know his advances are not wanted and that they are inappropriate.

    from your post it doesnt sound like you are super comfortable being around your husband either . is he abusing you in any way? : (

    please exercise the ways that you know help you to overcome your desire to self injure. for me, one of these ways is thinking about how long it has been since i last hurt myself. when i think of the 8 or 14 months or however long it has been that i have gone without self injuring,, i think to myself, i don't want to blow X amount of months that i went free from self injuring, if i hurt myself now, the timer resets back to zero and i don't want that. in other words i give myself credit for going to long without hurting myself. please feel free to share the coping strategies that you have. )

    i am sorry to hear that you were abused during childhood. that is truly evil behavior and one day those offenders will have to answer for their heinous actions.
    MandyCake responded:

    I just want to say that I truly understand what you are going through. Can you contact your local Women's Shelter, Rape and Crisis Center for support? They can help.

    Have you considered filing a restraining order against this neighbor as socal has said?

    Keeping you safe should be your main priority.

    In Harmony,
    If I could have one day and have that day be very windy and choose what I wished to be... I'd be a Kite and fly free...

    In Harmony,

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