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It's been suggested that we leave a space between the start of a post and the triggering part.

Write something innocuous in the first line. then leave some spaces between in and the subject matter. this should take care of accidentally triggering someone.

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Don't know who to depend on
deidhoff posted:

It's nice to use caps and not be "yelling".
So I met a guy on a well known dating website. The same guy as I have previously posted about. I really liked him, but we stopped talking for about a month, but started talking again recently. It's hard for me to meet people at all because I'm an introvert, but also because I have borderline personality disorder. We have been seeing each other regularly for the last two months or so, nothing too serious but I was hoping it would blossom.Tonight I got nosey, never good. I got back on the website where we met to check him out again. As it turns out he was on just about weeks ago, and had uploaded a new picture of himself. One that he took while we were supposed to be "together". I don't know if I should give up and move on, or give him a little credit. I know I over react to stuff like this, so I am trying to be calm. (And not cut the crap out of myself like I really want to. Good thing its 5AM and I want to go to bed! Priorities! Lol) What is your opinion? I value it it, from a group of people I have never met but are like minded and care. I am doing good by being calm right now, when really I want to go (never mind, I'll leave that out.) I might just sleep all day tomorrow
MandyCake responded:

I would love to be able to give you an opinion but when it comes to relationships... I'm blank...

In Harmony,
If I could have one day and have that day be very windy and choose what I wished to be... I'd be a Kite and fly free...

In Harmony,
Kate_Te replied to MandyCake's response:

I am really bad with relationships as well, however unless you two were supposed to exclusive - I'd cut the guy some slack. Since your just getting to know each other it's not too weird that he's still on the site.

As I said I'm not good with relationships, so take my advice for what it's worth. Good luck.
bubbles_bobble replied to Kate_Te's response:
hi! sorry i didn't see this earlier!
I've been married for 33 yrs. to the same man so i think with relationships with men anway i have some experience tho i've never done an online popular now way of meeting men.

I do agree however with Kate te that unless you were exclusive you're just getting to know someone. You haven't been with him a very long tim ein the scheme of things at all.

Perhaps you can sit down and put away some of your major expectations (because we always feel let down when that happens and we're expecting something and it falls thru)

Maybe some healthier ways of looking at this is: If you've not been intimate yet w/sex then that's a good thing in my experience. and with my daughter and son too. to fast to soon isn't good as a rule.

You could write down expectations in the realm of what would you like out of a relationship: companionship, fun, laughter, intimacy,
sex (whatever you want) marriage eventually, a livein whatever you decide because its your life and you get to live it however you want ...............just remember to do pros and cons because our consequences can be pretty stiff as you no doubt have run across like we all do.

Good luck and take care ..............Dont feel shy to write more often
One day at a time

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