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    I get so tired of fighting my own mind.

    multiple health issues are not helping in that battle either.

    there going to MRI my elbow on monday. the pain is making me wanna SIV and worse.

    haveing one of those days I wished I was on hospice and my time up.

    they lowered my thyroid dose and I feel psychotic.

    can do nothing. there is a firm MAKE NO DECISIONS edict within my system, we know I am not rowing with both oars.

    I am so ready to die. I am just worn out.
    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
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    slik_kitty responded:
    hugs. i hope they can figure something out about your elbow.
    Kate_Te replied to slik_kitty's response:
    I hope they help your physical issues soon! hugs.
    bubbles_bobble replied to Kate_Te's response:
    im glad youre getting a mri. that s/b telling something of what they can do. hang in there paja. you've been thru a lot lately. be easy with yourself
    One day at a time
    MandyCake responded:

    I can so relate to this... Please know that it is okay to float adrift without oars for awhile until rested enough to again attempt rowing to shore.

    I hope your MRI goes well and please let them know you feel psychotic... feel defeated... tell them you need them to hear the seriousness of what you are saying. Please?

    Be Well DDT,
    You are not alone... take us, a lifeline, with you...
    I have acheived my dream of being a kyte, for a single day, riding the wind. The anchors that held me down lifted... I was set free.. Now my journey of healing is possible. Gra' Bonnie