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    It's been suggested that we leave a space between the start of a post and the triggering part.

    Write something innocuous in the first line. then leave some spaces between in and the subject matter. this should take care of accidentally triggering someone.

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    The phones have quit ringing for the time being
    bubbles_bobble posted:
    I'm so glad i need some time to have time to myself. I really do! Later today I might even take a nap. Never do that! nap???? hmmmmmmmmmmm!
    My daughter is an incredible woman! she's got the start of making a new way for her life. I am very proud of her. My son i'm proud of but sometimes he just doesn't get it. I think i shall call him today. I need to hear his voice. i so need to get on these baby booties. i dunno.

    i guess that s a guy thing not getting it. he's gonna be a papa. hmmmm.
    interesting. today i feel normal. i'm really glad about that. yesterday i was a screaming mememe. o i hate when i stumble on words and can't form sentences. ugh! well i will write later i'm getting tired!
    One day at a time
    MandyCake responded:

    It is good to hear that your spirits are lifted a bit. Please say it isn't soooooo, you are still working? You should be resting and taking care of you.

    Lots of love coming your way!
    I have acheived my dream of being a kyte, for a single day, riding the wind. The anchors that held me down lifted... I was set free.. Now my journey of healing is possible. Gra' Bonnie
    Kate_Te replied to MandyCake's response:
    Bubbles -
    you sound so good. I hope you really are feeling that well. I agree with Bonnie, you should leave the business to hubby while you recover.
    bubbles_bobble replied to Kate_Te's response:
    the business is to big to leave to hubby and he has no clue what to do anyway!
    i slept thru a meeting today i was suppose to be in and i forgot to set an alarm and forgot about the meeting and just slept for like 3.5 hours.
    i had a few people mad at me. o well. sigh..............
    i have help coming in on monday and that will be really great!
    so we'll see what more we can do. i know i'm gonna take a nap.
    One day at a time

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