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    Push To The Limit
    soulkeepers posted:
    I feel that like I always need to apologize for something even if I haven't done anything.I guess cuz I feel all I do is screw things and maybe the reason I don't let others too close.The way I see it,well you the place call hell?..........Well unfortunately I was sent from there.A never-ending cycle of being looked at as a product of Satan.A person feels that something is wrong with them when be straight with them or don't want to get involve.

    But I understand to a certain degree when it comes to interacting with different people.Some will you they'll be there then turn around and won't even speak to you.And I'm assuming all responsibility cause there's a monster will in me that some see rather quickly.Most people don't have any use for damage things they will just look and go about their way. I've gotten that kind of look for a while now along with some ugly words.You know same stuff just different day.Heard some say your parents were wrong for what they did but they did me wrong to.So what does that say about them?..,.At least I feel like I belong in that circle of those kind of people.

    I am only a disappointment to myself cause the rest don't care.So I'm relieve everyone of their duties of whatever they feel that have to say or do when it comes to me.So I guess I should apologize for being a savage beast.DON'T HAVE TO SAY ANYTHING JUST READ!!!!!!!!!!
    bubbles_bobble responded:
    I did just read! b ut i felt compelled to write so that is my choice not yours.

    ya know i went thru quiet a thing of feeling like satans child myself. i was very intimate with satan as a matter of fact at one point. but then i learned that i really am a child of God and that satan just wants me on his team and i don't have to be! i can be on Gods team the healthy and happy choice. so i started praying for God to help me and i received so many good things.
    i was able in the beginning to reconnect with a son whom i hadn't talked to for 3 mos. and then get a stronger bond with him sorta. He's just odd. and is married to a culturally different kind of woman who is older than him.
    I had
    even suggested that he start dating a girl a couple years older than he and he picks someone 5 yrs. older which when you're in you're 20's is quiet a bit. but its ok. she's immature so he kinda anchors her and vice versa.
    I will be a grandma soon.
    I have prayed also for God to let me take my own life and he has not allowed that to happen so its my thought that satan didn't win me over or i would not be here .....
    i thought about witchcraft wickens but God held me back because I prayed to him to help me find my way.
    then i received some books and i try to read them every day as a one a day type of thing. and they are very good!\
    then a client of ours about 3 weeks ago gave my husband a book called jesus calling. Mind you i'm not a bible thumper and there's not a problem if anyone is i'm just not and i don't go to church either. tho i would like to start back to a non denominational which we have been to but because i have shingles to uncomfortable.
    anyway the point i'm getting at is if you believe in God and not satan then god will win out every time. and you will actually start to feel the spirit within you. go to God sk. he is the way.
    find yourself a daily spiritual book and read the reading of the day. it really helps me. and many that i know. GOd speed
    and I don't believe you are a child of satan! YOU ARE A CHILD OF GOD!
    One day at a time

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