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i'm finally feeling some better
bubbles_bobble posted:
I'm finally feeling some better. I actually am working today and tho I am very dizzy I am not having diareaha or vomiting or anything else. Just very dizzy. I hope I can drive myself to the clinic at 1:30. yikes.

I still have pink eye and its really makin me mad. so thats where i will go when i leave to go to the clinic is to have my pink eye fixed!

this is the pits! ugh. Got a headache still too. Rememb ered meds today! yeah!

Hope all is well with ya'll! Hope everyone else is feeling some better too! Don't give up hope bonnie, otw, llt, dem, kate, kate te, LM, SK, dd,
caprice..................We're worth the fight.

at least i can somewhat function. taking a break helps. tho i'm technically still working. ok gotta close my eyes for a bit.
One day at a time
Caprice_WebMD_Staff responded:
You really have had such a time of it, BB.

I hope you continued to feel at least somewhat better and the clinic visit helped. May the pinkeye soon be a thing of the past, along with the shingles outbreak. (((hugs)))
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~Christopher Robin to Pooh
Kate_Te replied to Caprice_WebMD_Staff's response:
Hi BB -
I am so happy you had a good day physically even if it's only on OK day, still better than a bad one. I really hope your pink eye gets better, but my main hope for you is that the shingles go quickly!!!
Hang in there yourself, chickie-poo!
bubbles_bobble replied to Kate_Te's response:
at least i ate some stuff today. and got a little feeling better so thats a start. i've been working on getting my electrolytes better cuz i'm so outta it. weak but i did manage to pull together a part day of work which was well needed. very itchy and its drivin me nutso.
thank you for the good wishes. the pink eye is not bacterial at this point only viral so that is good. my friend God bless her! she took me to eye doc today because i couldn't drive to dizzy.

i have to go tomorrow and get rx. dang! its not real far but my husband wants me to check on rental areas and i'll have to see if i'm up to it. ugh! what board do i go to for female issues of body parts? I have some issues and need to see what it could possibly be. it's been going on a week now and no end in sight only getting worse. i've been using a productg from store and that's not working. ugh again! i don't want to see my doctor.
One day at a time

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