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Kim is getting better
bubbles_bobble posted:
They are going to plan on tryikng soon to have her awaken from the coma. Her dad won't know more until monday. But she is getting better!

For all of you who are on her fb page I hope you read the latest note.

Keep sending prayers please!

ok i gotta go lay down and fall asleep.
One day at a time
slik_kitty responded:
glad she is doing better. is she in an induced coma?
bubbles_bobble replied to slik_kitty's response:
well at first i thought it was from the accident kitty but then i found out i think??? that from what was written that it's maybe induced???

Not positive but if they're taking her outta a coma wouldn't it have to be induced?? I would think that would be the case??

How are you miss slik kitty! member when i called you silk kitty lol
One day at a time
MandyCake replied to bubbles_bobble's response:
God Bless Kim in her recovery!

Life is the school and Love is the Lesson.

slik_kitty replied to bubbles_bobble's response:
if a person is in a coma caused by an accident you can't just bring them out of their coma. that's why i asked if it was induced, cuz you can bring a person out of a coma that has been induced. if there were head injuries they would induce a coma so the brain has time to heal. have you heard anything more?

i'm ok. finally got all my shopping done. now only have a little more wrapping to do.
off_the_wall responded:
Thank you for the updates, BB. Very glad to hear she is doing better. Please update if you hear more! I will continue to pray for her.
bubbles_bobble replied to off_the_wall's response:
Hi all. I had an email address that was for the public to use and it was in my email addresses and now i can't find it.

Next week I will look further and then ya'll can write her if you wish.
One day at a time

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