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    hi otw i c you b elow
    bubbles_bobble posted:
    Big wave i'm not stayin on but hope you are well with two tots in tow. lol now you try and tyhpe that same sentence otw i double dog dareyou! its a perfect time for you to check in thank you!

    I'll check on kim soon! still praying!
    there is a addy i forgot to mention that tells where you can write her. She would welcome all of that I am sure. I just say from the board when i talk to her so when were hoping she comes around she will be able toremember.
    One day at a time
    off_the_wall responded:
    Hi BB! I'm not staying online much longer either but wanted to say Hi. I'm exhausted! The girls are great. E doesn't miss a meal (nursing) so she has me awake every 2-3 hours all night long and then P has me up for good in the morning around 7 am (though I'm usually already up since E nurses around 5:30/6-ish.) Anyway, I know it's temporary and one day I will again get a bit of sleep....

    I still hurt from the csection-- but it is slowly improving. No one seems to understand that I'm not perfectly better by now and it upsets me but oh well.

    I will have to update more later and add some new pics because I'm so in love with my girls.

    How are you doing? Is your daughter still staying with y'all? Any Christmas plans?

    I hope you have a wonderful Christmas!
    bubbles_bobble replied to off_the_wall's response:
    Thanks otw. so good ot hear from you! i am sick AGAIN! and still have the shingles and disturbed them so they have swollen! they are going away however, its slow and have a cold with it now but at least the flu has gone and i don't have pink eye anymore.

    o yeah i can relate to the nursing. the good thing that was about my son is that the second child is easier in so many respects. You will probably after the first month is over then start getting more sleep. She'll get full easier and not have to nurse so often. Geepers you bring back so many memories. I had a csection with first and vaginal with second who wa s shy one oz. of 10 lbs. he b roke me! lol.

    no my daughter went home. I'm hanging tough and haven't sh'd for at least a month. they are conserned because i have 3rd degreee burns from my last stint that are still healing. ugh!

    but anyway we're going to my daughters for xmas. and we're opening our presents there. Yippee. I'm so excited!

    I'm going to talk my husband into letting me open a present today!

    love to you and yours. Miss you kiddo! you take care of yourself and the rest will fall into place. Never mind that silly people don't get it. If you can try to not bother with even saying anything except to hubby. Because if people haven't walked in your shoes then they don't get it.

    It took me 3 mos. to recover from my c section! It will still itch at times and get stinky! lol. I guess thats what L left me with! hee hee

    We support you here and so does hubby right?! You don't need to worry about what anyone else says about you because that is invalidation and doesn't matter ok. I learned this: What other people think of me doesn't matter! it's the truth and sooner we operate from that statemtn the better we will be! Only it matters with God and our kindship.

    One day at a time
    off_the_wall replied to bubbles_bobble's response:
    I'm so sorry to hear that you are still sick! You have been through so much lately. I hope you feel better very soon! How was your Christmas? I hope it was good. Mine was very nice-- just spent it here with my husband and babies. But now he is back to work and I'm majorly depressed. Trying to see all that I've got--- I know how blessed I am and I am not taking it for granted at all, but sometimes my brain just makes it hard for me to feel happy despite the fact that I am very happy being here taking care of my two sweet girls. I'm lonely, depressed, but thanking God for everything I have. Not sure if I'm even making sense today, sorry. I hope you're having a good week!
    bubbles_bobble replied to off_the_wall's response:
    hey otw! I had a great xmas despite the fact that i upchucked before we got there and couldn't eat hardly anything w/o getting sick. fun times let them roll........... hardy har har.
    i really did have a nice day and it was filled with love for most part.
    you may be having post partum blues gf. Don't just shrug this off. You could be having a serious problem more than normal. I hope you tell your hubby. Tell someone who is close by ok? Can you do that for us? For me?

    I haven't been able to get connected to fb today and find out from her correspondent if she's doing better or not.

    I wish i could find the email or post from her dad that talks about the public email she has. don't know.

    Ya know when we get into the depths of depression then we do think all or nothing. It's important to move around and take care of yourself! i know with that said having two infants so to speak tho I know P is great with everything but technically she's still a baby..........anyway............i just got on here and saw all the posts and went wat..>>>>>>??????

    So do take care and i'm plugged up really bad and need to do a nasel rinse. and post one more time!
    One day at a time

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