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    ignored /abandonment issues/ tragedy - TRIGGER
  • ******************************** *********************************** ********* *************************************** ********************* ********************

    I think for me what is making the switch with the mods work schedule so unsettling is, after there is a scary trauma I like to touch base with all my family/friends. I NEED to hear there voices.

    This latest rash of killings has amplified that need to see my family/friends and tell them i love them. Or hold them and hug them. I selfishly want and need to know they are okay...even though I know they are.

    I also have severe issues with having been an neglected/ignored child. To have a mother right there in the house IGNORING me. IGNORING my tears, IGNORING the blood, IGNORING the self inflicted injuries on MY FACE.

    So to have been able to hear the feedback of the mods for ~10 years to go to nothing but icy cold silence on the internet, causes some old wounds to be irritated.

    I could deal with that like a rational normal adult...except I am not a normal adult.

    Anyone ever see that Sat night live skit where the new team suddenly had the power go out and they had no camera on them and they quickly fell into anarchy and lord of the flies mentality. I feel like that could easily happen here just because we were not told of the change.

    Be it for a few weeks or a permant thing, gosh it would have been nice to have been told.

    I don't feel abandoned in all this unrest. I still have all the other board members here. But the SI board is like the army ....we don't leave men behind. We notice and worry when someone falls silent. - Ste

    (I am stepping in here to stop Ste from doing what he does best when people leave his life.)
    Saddly, nothing stays the same in life, chance is hard for all of us. I almost agree with Ste.."grief and move on."
    We are all used to members coming and going and falling silent. This is not different. Its only harder because there is a long history with C.

    We have choices here. Lets safely share our feelings and concerns and support each other. Lets not let this spiral us into chaos.

    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
    bubbles_bobble responded:
    I agree Paja. We usually are not all sick at the same time. We have to tap into those resources. Maybe we need to run this like a business like web md does but to us it would be a family owned and operated business.

    So first we need a business plan...... What we want from the members here.......
    what each memeber will oath to do or not do??????

    i dunno.... i m just tossing around ideas..... cuz i feel a loss too. i've come here for over 10 years and caprice has saved me many a time from myself and you all have saved me too from myself many a time!

    I have rec'd those messages that say the Web Md Community is concerned about you......................

    It was scary to get those. At the same time they did make me read the stupid thing and think welllllllll Is this what i really want to do???????

    I dunno.....

    I think one thing we need to be concerned with is the triggery in depth posts. I"ve done em too so nobody stands out here.

    We're all our own equal! We've all done what we could to salvage what we could at the time right??

    I think we need business owned moderators. Foc (free of charge) Like webmd has given us. Look at all these ads on here they can afford to give us moderators!

    Web MD WHAT S UP!?>?????;

    One day at a time
    slik_kitty replied to bubbles_bobble's response:
    I think we just need to know what is going on. it isn't right to just leave us with no explanation. caprice has been a part of our family for years. she is more than just the moderator, she is our friend. it's natural that we worry, cuz that's what we do with friends. let's just keep flooding them with emails and hope that someone responds.
    friedeggs replied to slik_kitty's response:
    thats right.just keep sending emails that us all you can do, i got to know her three years ago. i always had a great deal of respect for her, to live with the things that she does and through to be able to have a kind word for all of us, that is more then a person doing there job. that even with chrissy and elizabeth and the rest of them. we are human we need we need to be heard, this is not ok
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    Kate_Te replied to friedeggs's response:
    I sent an email yesterday. Hope to get a response soon.
    MandyCake responded:

    I can understand Ste's reactions when people leave his life.
    I believe I have simular feelings and reasons behind them. It is like we are once again being invalidated. Once again, swept into a closet and ignored. Once again, do not matter...

    But Dear Paja, Ste,.. we do matter. All of us. We will not be silenced. We will continue to validate each other.

    Love you all.
    Life is the school and Love is the Lesson.


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