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friedeggs posted:
wrote them an email this moring that was telling them how i felt, they copied the same thing t that that georgia posted to the board twice yesterday. i willing to bet kate te got that same thing. so do really want to stay hear. something is really wrong behind those boards , i am really srcrewed up and i wont let them make it worse
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PLEASE STOP spamming this board Dem. We are not responsible for the change. Your beef is with wedmd, Send these to them.

We already know how you feel, and I don't think anyone can say anything to make it better for you. I'm sorry for that. Focus you anger at wedmd not us.

Change is never easy. You have only two choices here. Accept and move forward or accept and move on.
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MandyCake replied to DOGDANCING_TCOS's response:
Dem... There is a FB Page Called Beautifully Damaged and they have a stickum site also where there is counseling of peers all week and you are free to speak your mind openly about anything. You may wish to check them out.

I did receive the same message to my private e-addy... but you know what? They are still going to be present and you can send them private emails to which they will respond. This way it will be more 1 on 1. And they do have Medical Professionals working for them. The thing is: This is a peer online support group... It's a gathering of souls, dealing with simular circumstances, coming together to give support to each other and to encourage each other.

I know you are hurting Dem... As are many here. As DDT stated however... you will have to make the choice you feel is best for you.

Gentle Hugs,
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Kate_Te replied to MandyCake's response:
Dem -
I got the same message as well, but like Bonnie & Paja said, it's up to us now. Sure they should have told us this was going to happen, Sure this sucks, but I love the people on this board & am not going to stop coming here just because Webmd are A holes.