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    Honoring Caprice
    She didn't get to say good bye to us. So I am not ready to say goodbye to her.

    But to help with the unrest and to help us all deal with the loss of her as our moderator I thought we might just honor her for her work and time and love she brought to the board.

    This thred isn't for rehashing the issue, its for telling Caprice what you want to/ need to. To bless her on her way.

    Lets tell her what she means to us.
    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
    friedeggs responded:
    you are one awesome lady , you will have my resepect and lovr
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    off_the_wall responded:
    I dreamed last night that Caprice came back to the board and posted to us, telling us exactly what had happened within WebMD. And that, in the end, they figured out that it was all one big misunderstanding and that she would be back to stay.

    I'm definitely not ready to say goodbye either.
    bubbles_bobble responded:
    Dear Caprice,
    I have always been in awe of the wonderful giving of yourself and I felt like love toward all of us no matter what! If we were ugly to one another or we were in a spiral turndown.............You helped bring us up. I have some very old messages you wrote to me and I cherish them. Because the board was redone a bit ago they are no longer in the system but I am surely glad I kept them.

    Thank you so much for looking out for us when we could not look out for ourselves. Keeping the peace between us when we were at odds! with one another.

    I have always thought boy that Caprice is one special lady! You exude such self control and pristine balance. Even when your fibro is knocking you down and other illness comes too you keep on working forward and helping others. Hats off to you Caprice! You are ONE OF A KIND!

    First and foremost besides all of the good deeds you do in your everyday life I want to say THANKS FOR THE MEMORIES! Thank you so ever much for saving my life on a few occassions. Back in the day when i was even more severly handicapped you helped shine a lite on me that I could not shine for myself. I will be forever in your grace!

    God does for us that no man can do. In hinsight I feel that He spoke thru you to me. Setting me up when I had no balance and sending me on my way. Gathering the board up to rally in your special threads that were action threads. Get our mind off our troubles. I hope we can continue where you left off and poilce ourselves like you did so gallantly!

    You will never be forgotten and I am extremely happy that near the end we got to actually see what you looked like.
    Give my best to Caprice Jr.;s and I hope you have many more grandchildren that you can foster with all the love you have inside you!

    I have been touched by an angel and the name she goes by is Caprice. I've teased you in later years and used derivatives of the name caprice such as capricio.......You did not care for that but when you told me to use the name they gave you hear on web md I did. You had a way about you that even with candor it was not a harsh thing and we could handle what you said.

    I hope you are behind the scenes watching how we're getting along. I can only hope you're able to seperate and be even of better service even if its not with web md. My hopes for you are that you can live your life with less pain and do more things you enjoy. That you can stop and smell the roses in the every day chore of what you do. However, with that being said I have a feeling that work as you know it was not a chore!
    I think you really geniunely enjoyed what you did even when you were in distress. You took to this job to this forum and ohters like a duck takes to water! WELL DONE CAPRICE WELL DONE! I HOPE WHEN YOU RETIRE FROM WEB MD IF AND WHEN THAT OCCURS YOU GET MORE THAN A WATCH! I HOPE THEY GIVE YOU A GREAT PLAQUE THAT SAYS YOU ARE THE GREATEST!

    I felt you were my friend. You were one of us even tho you rose to the ranks to help us all. Because you once had our habit of sh you were able to really understand what we were goin gthru and help. I only hope we can help one another like you did and I'm praying your spirit remains on the board. What a GIFT YOU GAVE ME AND US!


    forever and a day I remain (Fran)cene Jean the dancin machine (made ya laugh didn't i?)

    BE WELL MY FRIEND BE WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    One day at a time
    MandyCake responded:

    You are an important part of our family. When all of us were dealing with our own issues and could not lift each other up, you were there for us. You knew exactly what to say and what to do to help pull us out of our pitts of despair. You cared, shared, laughed and cried with us. We looked to you for guidence, for your wisdom, for your understanding and compassion. When outside systems were unavailable or failed to help us in our times of needs, we always knew we could come to you. You are so much more than a moderator. You are our friend, our sister... We love you.

    Life is the school and Love is the Lesson.

    off_the_wall replied to bubbles_bobble's response:
    BB, you have me in tears. I will just say ditto everything that BB said until I can find myself enough to respond on my own. This is too hard. We miss you Caprice! I wish my dream could come true and that you could come back to the board.
    slik_kitty responded:
    thanks caprice for all the years you have been with us. i've known you on three boards, and on every one of those boards you have been the light that keeps us going when we felt all was lost. i hope that you are well and find a way to help others the way you helped us. as bb says, you take to helping others like a duck takes to water. you are a natural at what you do and you will be missed terribly. i hope you realize how much you have meant to all of us. you are a great and wonderful person and i hope webmd realizes that. you are more than just an employee and mod, you are our friend and family. i hope we get to talk to you again some time. if not, god speed, and may the world shower upon you what you have given to us. huge hugs. you will be missed.
    Kate_Te replied to slik_kitty's response:
    Caprice -
    I will miss you incredibly. I realize now, that the Lights of this board post was probably your way of saying good bye to us. I wish WebMD had given us the chance to say good bye to you. As others have stated, you were one of us - much more than a moderator, a caring loving person who understood our issues. You knew when to distract us, when to address our issues individually & when to let us sort it out for ourselves. I will miss not only you, but the comfort level I felt knowing you were there for me.
    I wish you nothing but success & hope you are able to read these posts.
    lostkate responded:
    I hate saying the words "Good bye" to anyone, thats why I never do.

    You have touched my life in so many ways, you were the only one that responded to my first posting, four years ago, on another board, stayed with me to hold my hand, never letting go. I will always be grateful for that.

    I wish you all the best, where ever life takes you, free from any pain, physically or mental. I hope our paths cross again one day. You have a special place in my heart.

    I will miss you, already do.
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:

    your okay.

    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
    friedeggs replied to lostkate's response:
    they say that there angels out there in the world that we cant see,but he blessed us with the ability to see a very special angel in caprice, you are and will be missed by all of us, we love you. i keep lights of the community in my hear AND THE COMFORT THAT CAME FROM THAT. I MISS YOU DEAR CAPRICE, THE GLOW THAT came from your heart will always be with us always
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    Miss Caprice.

    In therapy the hypnotherapist tried in vain to befriend me. I refused to allow those two women to reach me. I never spoke to them.

    I waited a long time here before I felt comfortable speaking out. I not good at saying how I feel. I've done some growing this year. I just turned 19.

    thank you for always seeing me and the little ones.


    this word in our language has no translation. It is spoken with deep love and compassion and respect in your presence to express the depth of what your words have meant to us all these years.

    I want to give it an English translation today to honor you.

    Hence forth it will mean...."Caprice"


    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.
    soulkeepers responded:


    This is a hard pill to swallow cause we didn't expected this.Sitting here half the day trying to figure out what to say without crying.We haven't know each other that long but it hurts too much not to cry.Guess this is how it feels when they say someone or thing grabs a hold of your soul and never let go.You saw inside our souls,hurting hearts and shared yours.You drew out our fears,anger,deepest secrets,hidden feelings,when things didn't made sense you helped us figured them out.

    You listened to us and didn't put a band-aid on our pain.Nothing about our life has been easy but you didn't let it keep you down.Many don't make it through and you have been that shining spirit which reach for us in the darkest corner. Taught us that whatever happen don't be afraid to breath cause it's gonna be a long,long journey.You made this place a comfort zone and your words are what bridge the distance between us.When we lost our foot hole you were here to lift us up stiffly and guide us through.We know it wasn't easy but you didn't steer away from the truth.

    A person like you comes through very rare these days and that's why you are so very appreciative by many.You made a difference in so many and your best days are ahead of you.You are more than generous with your support,unconditional love,care,wisdom and put others pain ahead of yours without a hint of bitterness.You gave your best to make our lives so blessed.Won't deny it that your signature speaks the can tell everyone that has been touched by you from the trace.

    Thanks is not a strong enough word for someone who has done so much for so many.For now we are gonna wish you well on your journey where ever you go.We are very proud and honored to have you here and warmth from your inner light.You have one beautiful soul that will be truly missed but your memories will fade with us.

    rugger1369 responded:
    Caprice - I havent been with the board long, and I usually just hover but reading the compassionate words and kind advice you consistently gave proves what a wonderful woman you are. I thought of you when I read of WebMDs downsizing and I am so sad I did not come here sooner. I guess dealing with loss, whether in realtime or online is just as damaging. I wish you the greatest happiness in your next chapter, thank you so very much. Loving vibes (HUGS)
    DOGDANCING_TCOS responded:
    Pitching to the left I struggle through the familiar darkness. My path uneven at the moment. Needing to sit quietly by your light I scan the landscape. Locating it I trudge toward it.

    I find your lantern firmly nailed to the fence post.

    My own lantern slides from my hand. I stand quietly, like a lost child.

    slowly I reach up and hold your lanterns handle. Your presence still strong. Your love of us still warming the handle.

    I stand quietly bawling.

    Not for me.

    Partly for you, partly for all those hurting souls out there who will miss the change to meet you and find comfort and understanding in your gentle words.

    Being a writer, my mind wants an answer, and not finding one
    it fills in the blanks.

    Two possible paths here stretch before you, one you were layed off. Two your working silently behind the scenes.

    Either way, my friend = pain for you. To suddenly be disconnected from the voices of all the souls you moderate.

    I pray you are working quietly behind the scenes. The thought of you being unemployed and facing that panic and uncertainty, just breaks my heart.

    If that is the case, then to you offer this advice.

    You will be okay, Don't allow the fear and uncertainty to stop you. This moment in time is just another beast. You have fought bigger ones. Clear your head so you can hear your heart, and it will lead you to your next job.

    If you need a job reference, any of Tcos will write one for you. (though, nothing beats Alex's up yonder. You do know he hates everything and everyone, even me. What he said surprised the heck out of me. I didn't know he was capable of any other emotion then anger.)

    I pray you will find a job that will offer you financial security and love you as much as you were loved here. I hope in your next job you are blessed to have a Paja working there too. I hear they are nice to work with.

    And if your path is still with Webmd, well that changes things.

    To that time line I would offer this advice.

    Take a deep breath. Change is never easy, and with big corporations and there love of monkeying with stuff, you had better fasten the latches on your life jacket. In cases like this, you must go with the flow. Hang on and do what you need to do to keep your job. Be loyal to your own needs, and who signs your check.

    We know you love us. We know what ever the path is, you are hurting. You are grieving. *hands you a tissue* It will ease with time my friend. You may feel isolated and alone, but we got your back sister. Wraps the SA pink blanket firmly around you.

    I want you to know that "change" isn't a friendship breaker. That you will be my friend until one of us breaths no more.

    My offer to do a print run of all my children's books for your grand babies will never expire. All you need is ask.

    I'm still here. The board is still here. Your SI family is still here. Right here where you tacked your lantern.

    when you posted about the lights of the board. I got an uneasy feeling in my gut. Reading between the lines like DD does she picked up a second meaning. Weither intended or not, it came across as a salute and a "letting go"

    Thank you for that.

    Thank you for all your hard work over the years.

    Thank you for always hearing me....all of me's.

    Thank you for cleaning up the olives I dropped all over the SI and SA boards.

    Thank you for laughing at my silly stuff.

    Thank you for drying my tears.

    and thank you for doing such an incredible job over the years.

    I will look for you at the cat park, the redwoods, the ocean, and all the other magical places out there, because I know you will do just as you commanded us to do. Shine on.

    Peace be the journey

    I'm not really a psychopath, I just play one on the internet.

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