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It's been suggested that we leave a space between the start of a post and the triggering part.

Write something innocuous in the first line. then leave some spaces between in and the subject matter. this should take care of accidentally triggering someone.

How and Why to Report a Post
that is it
friedeggs posted:
know thar you all think that i have become a trouble . a troll. but yousomre thing . the things i have said was because i hate the people i care about get hurt, meaning all off you, as i said before this not all about caprice and the others, it is the creul way the handled be fore and after, we get enough of that in our lifes why take it from people you cant see, i know the are people that can come in after us, but they will learn. i am not responsible for what people are doing now, maybe they are seeing for themselfs what thses people are really about that is why there arew leaving so dont put this on me. i realized that i domt need to say anything else. these fools that run this website , will see what they have done, the email is there for who ever wants it.
~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
MandyCake responded:

I fully understand and get what you have been trying to say now... I guess it had to happen.... to awaken me...

Life is the school and Love is the Lesson.

off_the_wall responded:
Dem, you already know that I agree with you and do not think you are trolling. WebMD refuses to respond to emails so there's no other place for these issues to be heard then on this forum. I hope you will stay but only if it's safe for you. I will miss you if you leave!

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