Fridays Fun
sittingbull594 posted:
What will you do this weekend?

Any fun friday facts you'd like to share? Any fun things you're going to do this weekend?

My husband has a birthday tomorrow. We are going to pizza up in mtns.
we're pretty excited about this. I love birthday celebrations.

I don't have any facts cuz i'm not a good researcher online. However, feel free to chime in here ok.

Trying to lighten the load. I'm in a good spot right now so......

Take good care ..........
lovely_lemon_tree responded:
I'm not sure that I have any of that to share, but I will say this: Savannah, who HATES to be brushed, just let me brush her for the first time in months all the while purring!! This is so incredibly out of the ordinary that I had to share it!

Of course I don't expect this to happen more than once. (She usually growls and carries on while being brushed.)

I think this weekend I will ... hm, I can't really think of anything fun other than using my Japanese cherry blossom lotion.
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sittingbull594 replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
O Lovely,
That's very cool indeed about Savvy. I wonder what on earth made her switch the behavior. Is ther eanything you did differently? that you can think of or a different brush perhaps?

i like japanese cherry blossom too! My shower felt wonderful. I'm slathered in cetaphil cuz i can't do scents all over but i do like it on my hands when i go to bed at night. Ummm yum i think i'll do that when i go to bed tonight. thanks for the share