the little things
prophetess1987 posted:
just wanted to share what made me happy today and hope it helps encourage you to think and share what makes you happy.

went shopping for a couple of hours and the new spring colours are appearing! I actually bought 3 pairs of jeans, not the regular colour though....1 pink, 1 coral, and 1 turqoise. i'm gonna be colourful! haha.

also on the drive home during rush hour, heard some great music

been feeling pretty rotten so this was a nice change. i hope the weekend stays the course.

love always

rugger1369 responded:
let me try...

well its friday! so that is always refreshing. i applied to a job i would love, and waiting to hear back on an interview i had wednesday.

also i just polished off some raspberry fudge chunk frozen greek yogurt! yummmm

~with you
prophetess1987 replied to rugger1369's response:
ooooh so excited to hear about your application to the job! i hope you get it!

that frozen greek yogurt sounds amazing! i'm pretty sure we don't have any of that where i am lol. whenever I travel into the states, I always stock up on yummy food like that. so good!
Kate_Te replied to prophetess1987's response:
Rugger - Good luck on the job!!!
Prophetess - Sounds like some great shopping!!

For me just managing my anxiety well enough that I don't shake makes me very happy!