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It's been suggested that we leave a space between the start of a post and the triggering part.

Write something innocuous in the first line. then leave some spaces between in and the subject matter. this should take care of accidentally triggering someone.

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lovely_lemon_tree posted:

We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
socalmsg responded:
hi, lovely,

i noticed your post was short, but not exactly sweet. i felt sad myself to see that you were down. would you like to share what has caused you to feel empty? can you recognize if it was anything specific? i hope those negative feelings you are experiencing turn around real soon.
sittingbull594 replied to socalmsg's response:
hi lovely
i'm glad tho that at least you could write something's good to know that you're having these feelings. As Marsha Linehan would say just sit with it... and then I add Sweetie.... nothing lasts forever... and remember as well they can't take your mind! it only happened to the body not the mind only if it manifests inside push it don't need to relive it.

I know anniversaries are so hard.... take peace and your power back because you survived it! and now you're living your life
lovely_lemon_tree replied to sittingbull594's response:
We must be the change we wish to see in the world. -- Mahatma Ghandi
Kate_Te replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
A small response to a small but powerful post:
Hugs, as many as you want.
off_the_wall responded:
LLT, I'm sorry you are feeling so bad. I struggle with feeling the same way pretty often. I know that the Bible says that God's love is the only thing that can fill our emptiness. He loved you so much that he sent his only Son to die for you. You are perfect in His eyes. I know these things and yet like you I struggle day after day. I'm going to bed but I will pray God's love will fill and comfort us both. (((Hugs my friend))))
socalmsg replied to off_the_wall's response:
hi off the wall,

so nice to see a fellow sister-in-christ on this board ! i was so happy to see your encouragement of Jesus to LLT earlier this evening. i am lifting both of you up in prayer this evening.

may God continue to bless your life,

off_the_wall replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
How are you today LLT? Concerned about you and hope you will check in.
sittingbull594 replied to off_the_wall's response:
me too lovely?? ok uare or not? just wanna check in ok. i may not be able to come back here but want you to know we care!
Kate_Te replied to sittingbull594's response:
Hi Lovely -
Any better today?
socalmsg replied to Kate_Te's response:
yea, lovely, how are you doing? what is the update ? i hope your heart is lighter today and in the days to come.

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