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slik_kitty posted:
I had my smoke put to sleep today. she had cancer, and i knew the time was coming, but was hoping it wouldn't be so soon. it spread to her spine and was making her lose control of her back legs. i couldn't see keeping her alive as her quality of life deteriorated to such a point that she could no longer move. i will miss her so, and so will my son. she was his baby. as i sit here at the puter, i miss her sitting beside me, or on my lap, or under my feet. i will miss her when i come home and she isn't waiting at the stairs for me to say hi. i will just plain miss her, as now there is another hole in my heart where someone i love used to be. she wasn't just a cat, she was a person with fur, she was family.

.* sitting with you silently*
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iwanttostop responded:
am sorry, i know how important are fur friends are.
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I am so sorry. I've had to do that to 2 cats (15 yrs old) I understand your pain!
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I am so sorry. You are right, our pets are part of the family which is why it hurts like losing a family member. (((Gentle hugs)))
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ty otw. i've always had 1 or 2 furry kids and my non furry one. lol
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Tho I haven't had fur kids for years I surely do know and empathize with your loss. I think it's great that she was such a vital part of your human family. Take good care ((((((Kitty))))))

I'm thinking of you with warm soft gentle huggers
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ty sb