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    when a child is on the verge of sh and the parents self behavior gets in the way. trigger
    friedeggs posted:
    trigger/////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// ////////////////////////////////////////////this about my `12 year old niece from the person called my sister. she has custody of her and brother who will be 16 shortly. the itch is never home and my nephew is always out, my nueve is on a downward out of control sin. she either kill herself or wind up having a baby, she had posted a picture of some who had cut her arm and did other things. she is 12, i feel helpless because no one is going to belive me
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    lowdown responded:
    CAUTION MAY TRIGGER SOME..........................................

    First if you don't know anything about Sh educate yourself. And if you are let her know she is not alone.
    that your there for her, family support is very important.
    I know I am a survivor of Sh, I deal with it every day of my life. I guard my kids as best I can so they won't follow in my footsteps, And from time to time when things get out of sorts I still backslide but I'm no longer ashamed of my Sh sickness. She if she will talk to someone about whats going on in her life, above all don't give up on her, If she makes up excuses as to the marks on her let her know you will be there when she's ready to talk.
    sittingbull594 replied to lowdown's response:
    yes dem be ready for a talk. its hard i know to sit and watch. i think ld had some good advice for talking.

    its hard to go thru.... hang in there.
    rugger1369 replied to sittingbull594's response:
    oh my heart goes out to her and you. reach out to her and dont give up on her. speaking from personal experience, i sometimes wish someone had laid some wisom on me when i was that young. but it was ignored just as i ignored the depths of the problem. it will be ok. stay strong <3
    mandybutterflykiss replied to rugger1369's response:

    Can you give her information, like brochures on SH and Peer Lines she can call? Are there Peer Groups you can make her aware of? Being young, Peers, rather than adults, hold more sway in the actions of youth.

    Hugs to you.


    Life is the school, Love is the lesson.
    friedeggs replied to mandybutterflykiss's response:
    trigger still applies at the top///////////////// thanks everyone, i started to talk to her online and did not handle it very well. i wanted so much wanted to help her, t the same time i was trying to do that i was seeing on her fb page, u was worried about the impact it would have on my son, he is three years older than her and does not have a clue about what she posts, as some of you know i had a big fight with my suster at the start of the hoildays ,we live long distances from each other, i am going to regroup and retry something else. love you guys
    ~ Live in faith and expect the best. Through every trial, God will make sure you come out better than before.~
    Kate_Te replied to friedeggs's response:
    Dem -
    I agree with above. Just be the caring aunt willing to discuss it with her. Send her notes of encouragement & advise her that you are there when she needs you.
    Big Hugs!

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