cuting and depression
john19602013 posted:
years ago I used to cut myself all over my arms. about a week ago I did it again. I was real stressed out for that week before I did it but I was sure surprised that I cut myself after about 5 years. im also surprised that they said I had bipolier , manic , depression. something like that? sometimes I do not sleep for days and if I don't take my colinpin my mind races. I never have felt this bad. I thought my head hurting were all from the two head injurys I had years ago. I just wanted to post this on here because I want to live but the mental and body pain is to much sometimes. right now it will give me some thing to do , god bless you all.
mandybutterflykiss responded:

Welcome. Bipolar is having bouts of extreme energy, racing thoughts, being restless followed by bouts of extreme depression. The highs and lows are certainly extreme on a person with this illness.

Have you googled your illness? A support or peer group in your area? It helps to discuss what you feel with others who understand.

I wonder if the urge to self harm is a biproduct of your illness coming to the forefront, so to speak?

God Bless you as well.


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