distraction action
sittingbull594 posted:
how about????

writing a poem??

What would you write about??

Draw a picture even if it's a stick figure picture??

Color?? or if you only have ink pens or pencils that aren't colored shade dark and light making a design with small and large shapes that are circular beginning with one curve and going until you end the piece.

I find coloring to be really relaxing.
How else can you be creative??
lovely_lemon_tree responded:
I like to write poetry... I used to be very good at it, but I find I have lost my gift. I am still okay but I can't express myself like I used to be able to.

I was able to finish up a great paint-by-number I had worked on for (literally) years. It's a picture of a moose with Mount McKinley in the background. Very pretty.

I find bead-work to be creative. Last Christmas I made my mom a rosary by hand. I thought I was pretty good!

I have all kinds of craft stuff hanging around. I just haven't used it in a while. (sigh.)
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katenewbie replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
I am neither artsy, nor crafty.
I enjoy reading.
I enjoy gardening.
Tomorrow's a tough day for me so I am going try to spend it out of the house, gardening & reading on the back porch.