Savannah's Birthday!!!
katenewbie posted:
Lovely Lemon Tree's precious cat Savannah had a birthday recently & I think we should have a party to celebrate.

I will bring my 2 cats, Odin & Loki. They are both males, but I'm sure they'd love to play with Savannah & bring one of their favorite toys - an open brown grocery bag. Hours of fun - especially if you can hide in it & attack your brother.

Who's next?....
penguie responded:
Bambi will come and play
CJ_Smythe replied to penguie's response:
I shall bring my Tiger-cat, and some wonderful friends. Let's see there's:
Crystal-Kitty (older, lovey female)
Jack (Sparrow, Pirates of the Caribbean)
Kizz and Munchkin (beautiful girls)
Big Guy (big orange male)
Orka (B&W) and Lolli (all black) (each has had one litter, young and lovey)
Dennis (the menace)
Dreyers, Ben and Jerry (kittens)
and the Troupe (more kittens who don't all have names yet)
We shall also bring the 'nip (WHOO HOO), stuffed mice, paper sacks, and laser pointers. And lots of fluffy house shoes for all the bipeds!! LoL
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mandybutterflykiss responded:
OMG... I love this.

Send out invitations.
Kitty outfits
Kitty treat cupcakes
Kitty bunkbeds
MandyCake's gift for Savannah will be a box. For some reason, boxes for her are very entertaining.

I think it is fab that Savannah is having a Birthday!!!!
Will this be just for our kitties or will adults be attending as well?



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slik_kitty responded:
i'll bring sammy and harley, and crinkle balls for all the kitties to play with.
off_the_wall replied to slik_kitty's response:
My girls and I will come too. My girls love cats and are very gentle with them so they will love the party. We will also bring our neighbor's cat Sam because he's so sweet and he think he's our cat anyway.

Happy Birthday Savannah!
lovely_lemon_tree replied to off_the_wall's response:
Thank you, guys, from Savannah and me! We very much appreciate this!

Savvy will be sharing her tuna with her friends! She also very much enjoys her laser pointer toy and for some reason loves to play with/on/in plastic bags (while supervised). She can share these games as well!

She is turning four!
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off_the_wall replied to lovely_lemon_tree's response:
For the record, I am the most super anti-social person but if someone invited me to a cat birthday party, I would absolutely take them up on it! What's wrong with your friends?! This sounds too cute to pass up for sure! I'm so sorry your friends didn't think so and I only wish I lived closer. Want to move back to TX?
sittingbull594 replied to off_the_wall's response:
I don't have a kitty to bring o yeah I do i'll bring slik kitty lol

I'll bring the fishing poles that have the little stuffed mice on the end of the line and we can play go fish! or go kitty!

See ya'll soon
Happy birthday Savvy