funny story
sittingbull594 posted:
Ya'll know i'm a grandma right. well my grandbaby is far away in another state. probably won't be able to visit till next spring. boo hoo.
really want daughter here in town to get pregnant but they've had to work a few things out int he relationship. It seems to have been worked out.


My daughter calls yesterday a.m. This is what she says,"Mom, guess what?" I dunno says sb. "I went to the doctor this morning.....(pausing) (me thinking hmmm I bet she's pregnant?) and this is what he said." Yeah I said what'd he say, said sb. "well he told me I have shingles," said daughter. It blew my head gasket. lol. So she's not contagious which is good and me and hubby met her for dinner tonight. I told her what she had said how she said it and we had a really great laugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I told my bff this afternoon and bff thought oooo she's pregnant. yup.
but no she's not. hmpf.

I think she will become a mom but its a matter of many years??
slik_kitty responded:
lol. i'm feeling the i wanna have a grandkid itch myself.
off_the_wall responded:
That's really funny! Anyway, good for her working out relationship problems first before having a baby.