An_253028 posted:
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i really wanna cut off my pinky to punish myself. thats a hole new level of injuring for me. but the pain is so great that is all i think off. i failed to protect my daughter and i must be punished. every other type of injury just isn't enough. i need to go big. scared once this door is open, i will never get it closed again.
katenewbie responded:
Do you have a therapist, a hotline or a friend that you can call & speak with about this. Before taking the drastic step, how about reaching out to see if someone can help both you & your daughter.
You have already reached out here. Great. Now call a hotline (they are listed on the left side of the page here(crisis assistance)). Or call your local hospital. Getting a "tune up" where your meds can be adjusted or provided to you & a reminder of healthier coping skills may be all you need.
Please reach out for help before it's too late.

Hugs if acceptable.