felt my heart stop beating
TravisD27 posted:
dnt no what happened but 2 nights ago im laying in bed then all the sudden i felt this weird feeling in my heart then i felt my body take a breathe and then i felt my heart stop beating dnt no how long i was like that for but all i remember after is popping up gasping for air. You all probally think im crazy but i no what i felt and i felt my heart stop beating n i havent told my wife yet cause i dnt want her 2 get worried for nuttin. just wanna know if anyone can tell me what happened
moreos responded:
it's called a heart palpitation. Various medical conditions cause this. Time to go 2 doctor.
compoundia responded:
Hiii.. It is the symptom of heart palpitations. You should consult with the doctor. Doctor will conduct a physical examination, take your medical history, and ask about your current medications, diet, and lifestyle. The doctor also will ask when, how often, and under what circumstances palpitations occur.