My mother just started having these symptoms and I am hoping to find something that will explain what is happening
goldie50 posted:
My mother started having these symptoms a week ago. Each episode last roughly 20 sec. She has up to 4 a day. They begin with a tingleing sensation in her right nostril, which she says feels like someone is sticking the inside of her right nostril with a pin. Then she feels nausaes, gets a burining(heat) sensation in her right bicep, then to her right foot and then up her right leg. Again, all this lasts about 20 sec. She is usually sitting or laying in the bed. During the daytime and she is not focused on one particular thing. She was sitting talking to me earlier and she had a spell. She has not changed any medication nor taking any new medicine. She did however have a steroid injection in neck Dec 2nd, to alleviate her neck and lower back pain. If anyone can help, we would appreciate any ideas or facts.

slik_kitty responded:
she needs to see her doc for this. this isn't the place to be asking that kind of question.
stellagonzalez responded:
OMG so sad to hear that, since it's a 2 month long post so I just want to know how's your mother right now...