mysafeplace posted:
just got back from a weekend with my family. Did pretty well when I was there but got home and went right back to the SI. Soooo frustrated. It's like I'm starting all over....
slik_kitty responded:
it's easier when you have people to call you to task to not si. at home there is no one to stop you so it's harder. you need to find something to focus on at home that will take your mind off the si.
rugger1369 replied to slik_kitty's response:
these are small battles of a larger war. you might have "lost" this one, but you recognized your mistep and can focus now on "winning" the next challenges you may face.

think through what led you to SH. what were you feeling? was there something specific that caused you to feel overwhelmed? pin point it and write it down/talk it out/etc and next time you will be better prepared to channel that energy into a healthier alternative.

i know it's hard, but even sharing here took courage! stay strong and foused on your what keeps you centered.
with love and fulljoy