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Absolutely no feeling during intercourse
Alyiana posted:
I have been with my fiance for 3 years now and we had a great sex life when we first met, but since we had my daughter 2 years ago I did tear and had 2 stitches after the birth of my daughter and now I have absolutely no feeling during intercourse except for clitoris stimulation. When it comes to penetration I can feel the penis but get no sensation at all, good or bad, just numb. I still get very lubricated but don't enjoy it, i just lay there. We have tried everything from different foreplay, to watching porn, to using vibrators at the same time as penetration and I've tried various excersises for "down there" but still nothing. I am getting tired of always have to use toys on my clitoris to get myself to orgasm and our sex life has diminished as I don't care to have sex because I get nothing out of it and he always feels like its his fault. Please help me, I feel like I'm the only one experiencing this and I don't know what I can do to fix it.
gracebarnes responded:
I have the same trouble, I have been married for almost five years. I have a very passionate relationship with my husband, he is attractive, attentive, amazing in all areas but with sex its just so hard. I am aroused by him, I want to be with him but every time we have sex I don't get any pleasure from it. It breaks my heart because we are so wonderful and happy together. I don't feel anything when we have sex, I have never had an orgasm from sex and towards the "end" of our time together it becomes painful, it almost feels like there is too much pressure. I grit my teeth and hold my breath to get through it... I wish there was an answer for our problem because its heartbreaking.
tlkittycat1968 responded:
You do know that a majority of women, up to 70%, are unable to orgasm via intercourse alone and need some sort of clitoral stimulation? I'm one of those women who can't orgasm via intercourse and DH makes sure I orgasm via oral sex even before we have vaginal sex.
jsmith responded:
I know exactly what you are talking about, you cannot feel him inside of you like you used to. Maybe you could or couldn't orgasm when he was in you, but you felt him in you. I had a D &C and an ablation, after those procedures I couldn't feel my lover inside me either, I felt him when he penetrated me, but after that nothing. No pressure, no sensation of movement, nothing, like your canal was void of is quite dewomaninzing.....i am very sorry.......I do not have an explanation.....everyone has looked at me like I was crazy.....

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