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Hookin' up with a co-worker?
Chris_WebMD_Staff posted:
Have you ever had a relationship with a co-worker? Does your company have a policy against that and you still had a relationship anyway?

Life is too short, so kiss slowly, laugh insanely, love truly and forgive quickly.
Author Unknown
Anon_16867 responded:
god yes..i used to work third shift with 14 women and one used to like me..after we hooked up it was great..we both was going thru a divorce but mine was over before hers was and she wanted to move in with me but i told her i was not ready for that yet..we had dated for about 4 years but the only bad thing was the other women used to make her mad when they knew she was looking ..i was a mechanic and the woman was the operatores so they knew i had to fix their machines and they would be all in my face talking but she though it was more..she always claim i was trying to hook up with them ..after she kicked me too the curb i was kind of glad she did anothe rone tryed to get close too me but i learned my lesson from the first time..but i did fall for another girl even before my gf came along but we decided that it was best too be friends then too mess up a great friendship by having sex..everyone thought that we was because we were so close..
tlkittycat1968 responded:
I've dated men I've worked with when I worked fast food and they didn't have a policy against it. Where I'm at now, they have a nepotism policy but I'm not sure if they have a policy about dating. I'm sure it would be similar to the nepotism policy in that you can't work for the same supervisor, can't be a supervisor/subordinate, etc.

If I were single, I don't think I'd date a co-worker. I think if things didn't work out, it would be awkward having to see that person every day.
An_240941 responded:
Yes, actually it's how I met my husband. I was managing a restaurant & he was one of my line cooks. There was a policy against it but only because I was the boss, well I got pregnant & put on home rest anyway & then he found a better job & then the restaurant closed 6 months later ( corporate found out that the franchise owner of the restaurant was smuggling money from them & he took off to Pakistan were he was from before they could do anything so they just closed it down). Anyhow a work relationship that was against the rules gave me my love & my 2 beautiful daughters.
jss123 responded:
I actually met my wife at work. We got married about 6 months ago
We didn't work together at all in the office. We just started talking and became friends.

We were close friends for about 12 years when we decided to become more than that.
It actually got to a point where people were suggesting we get married and work colleagues referred to her as my "girlfriend".

The weirdest part of it was the first time we made love.
Its almost as if you know the person too well, but we soon got over that

My office don't have a policy against having co-worker relationships.
I know of at least 5 relationships that have lead to marriage.
An_241451 responded:
About 20 years ago I dated a girl I worked with. It was ok but after we broke up, it made things awkward in the shop. I vowed to never date another woman I work with.

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