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Drug content of sexual fluids
An_244473 posted:
My fiance recently earned a huge promotion in the Air Force. Now she's extremely nervous about activities that may put her in the path of losing that promotion before she pins it on.

She works in the health field, but is more on the administrative side than the actual scientific side. As such, she isn't clear on all of the intricacies of biology. I'm even less so, I'd wager.

I recently had a root canal and the endodontist prescribed me Percocet in case of pain. I took it a few times in addition to some Vicodin my dentist prescribed when my toothache flared up. The question I have is whether or not those drugs can enter my semen and be transmitted to her during sex.

Her concern is that if they can, they will and if she ends up taking a urine test and they show up, her promotion will be jeopardized.
blake_valentine responded:
There is absolutely no chance that any metabolites from these substances will show up in her urine specimen. Of course, you will tell her that some anonymous guy on WebMD said not to worry, and she may accuse you of coming up with a very convenient answer....
An_244473 replied to blake_valentine's response:
I wouldn't say "anonymous". You do have some kind of name attached to that.

Do you have any citations you could provide or are you simply recalling knowledge you've acquired? If I had something to show her it would be far more convincing.
Anon_475 replied to blake_valentine's response:
If this kind of thing showed up in drug tests, we'd know all about it. There is absolutely nothing to worry about. This stuff wouldn't eve show up in professional athlete's drug tests. Relax, dude.
fcl responded:
Are you telling us that the Air Force does not allow their personnel to get painkillers when they undergo a root canal? Seriously? These are presecribed meds, for goodness sake, not drugs bought off the street!
There's nothing inherently dirty about sex, but if you try real hard and use your imagination you can overcome that.
sarahogan responded:
The vaginal canal is not any way connected to her urethra, therefore, it is impossible for any trace amount that would be in your semen to show up in her urine. The only way that would even have a tiny chance of happening is if she took the drug test IMMEDIATELY after having sex with you and your semen mixed in with her urine sample. The other way it could happen is if she swallowed gallons (and I am talking gallons here, not the amount you would normally ejaculate at one time) of your semen that just happened to have trace amounts of the drug, then her body processed it and she peed it out.
Relax, she's fine.

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