clear fluid-ish discharge
An_244703 posted:
am seeking your advise .What is the clear discharge that goes out from your penis when you are erect and usually before cumming ,it is shown clearly or drips when you stop before you cum ,and it only appears in this situation not any that normal?
georgiagail responded:
This is known as "pre-ejaculate"; sometimes more crudely called "precum"; it is released during arousal as a lubrication that would allow easier entrance into a vagina.

Adamwinter replied to georgiagail's response:
But is that normal , is it something that i should worry about ,does it happen to all men ,etc
by the way thank you so much for the reply,i would appreciate knowing more about it
fcl replied to Adamwinter's response:
Yes, it's normal. No, it isn't something to worry about. No, it doesn't happen to all me, only to the vast majority. To find out more about it google pre-ejaculate.
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