Penis Stings During Intercourse
g54g54g posted:
Sometimes whenever I have sex with my girlfriend I will have a random brief stinging sensation in the tip of my penis. It sort of feels like what a UTI feels like, but this has been persisting over the course of probably 6 months or so. I don't have any STDs. She was tested before we had sex, and we use a condom every single time. It usually just happens once during intercourse, and then it stops right away. After the stinging stops, I can continue with intercourse as normal and nothing happens, even when I ejaculate. If I try to urinate immediately after sex, my penis stings during urination. However, if I wait until morning to urinate, it usually doesn't sting, or it's much less mild. Also, after I urinate once, it doesn't sting from then on, until I have sex again, then the whole process repeats. Like I said, we always use a condom WITH lubrication. The condoms have spermicide on the outside as well. I should also point out that whenever I masturbate, there is never any stinging sensation of any kind, even if I urinate immediately after ejaculation. It's so weird. I tried searching online, but it looks like no one has these same symptoms.
elle0317 responded:
Could be the spermicide, try just with the regular lubed condoms.
fcl responded:
It could be a latex allergy. Try using non-latex for a while.
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