Penile frustration
arthurian posted:
I've been flaccid for about a year now. I feel very frustrated because I used to outlast my wife for a period of 20 to 40 minutes with a hard until she reached an orgasm, I even inverted my penis to become a vagina sex toy for her clitoris without losing a hard,my ejaculation was totally under my control. Now my erection comes very subtle but then disappears. I am 57 and find myself losing the sex drive I once had. My fear is this condition is permanent can anyone help?
elle0317 responded:
Have you been to the Dr to have you testoterone levels checked? This is not uncommon for older men to have lower levels of testoterone.
bob249 responded:
DITTO - you are not alone.

Testosterone treatment is expensive - hoping the VA helps me pay for it.
hairyd replied to bob249's response:
treatment maybe expensive. But no more than dinner and drinks. A male is willing to pay for good female sex.
I would love to see how you inverted your hard dick to become a vagina sex toy for her clitoris without losing a hard,
You may also talk to the doctor about ed med. But that around $300.00 a month or $9.00 each date.
Always remember your penis is unique, just like every man.