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Not able to orgasm during sex
Anon_44576 posted:
My husband and I have been married for two months now. Prior to marriage my husband used to play with me before sex. He would suck and lick and play with my boobs and made sure I was turned on and stimulated and having a satisfactory orgasm before he finished off. Since our wedding we have had sex only 3 times. He jumps right into penetration, in-out, cum, roll over and sleep. All this is about 5-10 minutes and we are done. We live with his family and that is making things worse because he says I moan too loud and we dont want the family to know we are having sex. There is no more boob play, no sucking, no licking. The other day I told him how come you dont play anymore and dont make me orgasm. He said he believes I do orgasm during that 5 minute penetration. To top it all, he watches porn while hes doing me coz apparently unless he does his dick doesnt get hard and stay erect or he doesnt get horny. But that kills my mood and my horniness and I am just not able to have an orgasm. Ive tried dirty talk, ive tried sexy outfits to get him hard and excited, but to no avail. He only seems to want to watch porn and do me and thats just disgusts me and saddens me. How can I rid my husband of his porn dependency and how do I talk him into giving me an orgasm too?
crackerplease responded:
Tell him he's not getting his part of the program if he doesn't start trying to please YOU.
I hope you haven't produced any children from this union so you can dump him for somebody who things of not only himself, but others as well.
rhondamay responded:
It is entirely up to you. If this is the life you want, stay with this self-centered little boy. If not, do something about it. It is ultimatum time. Either demand he goes to counseling with you or walk out the door. Follow through! It is not going to get better on its own.

I agree with Cracker. "I hope you haven't produced any children from this union so you can dump him for somebody who thinks of not only himself, but others as well."

Good luck,

georgiagail replied to rhondamay's response:
Rather crude language in the initial posting but I agree with what the other posters have written.

You didn't indicate your husband required porn to become stimulated when you engaged in intercourse prior to marriage. Thus, it's unlikely he has a "porn dependency"; frankly, he just sounds lazy and not willing to put forth the effort to please you sexually now that he's married to you.


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