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I am not sure how to feel?!?!
amm727272 posted:
I have been with my fiance for 8 years. He gets upset with me because I will not give him oral sex. I finally got the courage to tell him why I don't feel comfortable doing it. Which is because I don't want him to ejaculate in my mouth. I told him I would do it, but only if he promised me that he wouldn't do so. He got mad at me and said, "I've dealt with it for 8 years, what's 8 years more!" Then he left the room. I tried to bring it up again and he just ignored me. Now I am afraid to tell him my feelings because I am worried about his reaction. I am so confused as what to do. i would just like a little advice on how to deal or handle this situation.
confusedaboutit responded:
well my first question would be to you...why exactly dont you want him to ejaculate in your mouth? I'm not trying to be rude just curious to see if there is a way around it...

If it's the taste they make this cream, flavored blowjob cream - please excuse me I dont mean to be crude but thats whats its called, that you can buy in any local adult store or if you prefer more privacy you can order thru It does work to cut thru the foul taste.

If it's you being just uncomfortable with it, say the fear of gagging, you could pull him out and still let him ejaculate on your tongue with you holding him? (again I dont mean to be crude about this)

Or you could try...getting him to that point and then quickly pulling him out and begging him to ejaculate on a certain part of your body? Just remember that if you make him think that you NEED him to do a certain thing, and that you take pleasure from what it is your giving him, it'll stimulate him and his ego. Try being super sexy about it, take a little control without discussing what you want to do and just start giving him oral sex unexpectedly and make him believe you need him to ejaculate for you exactly where you want.

If that doesnt work I'd sit him down calmly and just tell him all the things you are willing to do for him, then tell him exactly why him ejaculating in your mouth makes you uncomfortable, and if he cannot accept that maybe theres sexual toys out there you'd be willing to try with him, or other methods instead.

Just remember you are not the only women in the world who doesnt appreciate it so if it really bothers you stand your ground but find a compromise to make you both happy
KatMit524 responded:
It's not an unnormal thing for women to not like men to ejaculate in their mouths. And generally men don't have a problem with it. It's not like the "end game" is the big deal, ya know? Sounds like you and your fiance have some communication issues going on. If you guys can't talk about stuff like this without him getting mad and storming out, that doesn't look very good for future issues that need discussing. If your willing to give him oral sex as long as he pulls out before he ejaculates that shouldn't be a big deal, and definitely shouldn't throw him into a temper.

Sounds like you guys need to talk about more than just sex issues. Marriage is full of daily problems that require communication between the 2 of you....if you can't do this, your not headed for a very happy union.

3point14 responded:
Does he react this way whenever you bring up something uncomfortable or unpleasant?

Honestly, he sounds like a massive jerk. Demanding, not listening to you, refusing to make one promise to make something you're afraid of more pleasant...Got mad at you when you tried to talk about it, stormed out of the room like a child, ignores you, ignores a big issue about your sex life...

How to handle it? Honestly, I just wouldn't bring it up again. He's unwilling to compromise on it, apparently, and doesn't want to discuss it. Fine, then. I'd just stay mum on it and see if he brings it up whenever the stick migrates its way out of his butt. And if he doesn't, well, you've done what you could and he's not having it. One person can't be in charge of the communication in a relationship, and he's clearly unwilling to communicate with you.
jss123 responded:
Can understand him being a bit confused by you changing your mind after 8 years, but not by his childish reaction.

You explained to him you would give him oral sex, but you didn't want him to ejaculate in your mouth. I don't see how he can object to that situation. At the point of no return when having an orgasm the last thing I worry about is when my semen is going.

He is a having an orgasm from oral sex. What his problem? There are a LOT of men who have partners who don't give oral sex at all.

To be honest I don't think if I was a woman I'd be happy to have semen ejaculated into my mouth either !!
I accidentally ejaculated into my mouth while masturbating with my mouth open a couple of years ago.
I discovered its extremely messy and my semen doesn't have a nice taste !!

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